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Comment 16 Aug 2016

Can we talk facilities here?  Nippert Stadium's concourse is lined with port-a-johns for "large" events, and don't forget Nippert just went through a sizable renovation.  Why do you think Ohio State and UC play at The Shoe or Paul Brown?  Oklahoma would have to be a neutral site game. Texas would have to be a neutral site game. Nippert can't handle a crowd. Parking? Gridlock in Clifton. I was there for FC Cincinnati and Crystsl Palace. I won't go back for a large event. If UC wants to be a member of a power 5 conference they should build/invest for it. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Sorry the emojis didn't take take on here like the gifs, etc. 

You must not agree that frustrations should be expressed internally, and declarations made post season. 

If you liked the game plan & play calling, you enjoyed the game more than others did. Coaching was lacking in the biggest game of the season to date. 

It doesnt make a person a bad fan. Words are easy.  Respect is earned not given. It's about the team. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

We can all sing the song and move on to ichigan week, but we were exposed badlly tonight.

Play calling was what? Vanilla? No. Predictable? No. Boring? No. Lackluster? No. All of the above?  YES! 

I can't fathom what happened tonight. I simply cannot wrap my head around how our team was let down so hideously, or let themselves down so badly tonight.

Was it coaching? Play calling? Execution? Lack of focus? Over confidence? Pick one! Pick two!

All year I've been hearing about tOSU "playing down to level of competition."  Face it.  We couldn't play up to the level of competition.

I feel for Braxton. He's been under utilized this year. I feel for Zeke. No Heisman. I feel for every man who will not be back on campus next year. This was supposed to be the year, not last year. 

It was a great, great run. I'm so proud to be from Ohio, and I'm proud to bursting to be a Buckeye.

We have a lot of cleaning up and polishing to do. I just hope we can bring the passion and imagination to the game with tsun that was lacking against MSU.

i did not see this coming.

Congrats Dino.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

You're right. I looked at the schedules and projected. I'm still not impressed by Notre Dame though. 

Comment 11 Nov 2015

Funny how the Big 12 was left out last year possibly by virtue of not having a conference championship game. Now we have ND in the top 4 with NO conference and their weakest schedule in years. Baylor is running a gauntlet compared to ND. It seems a joke to me that the committee values ND so highly right now. 

That all being said, nothing would be sweeter than to see an ultimate smack down on New Years Day. Alabama or Notre Dame?  Two sweet treats to ponder crushing. 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I ass-u-med that JT would start this season when he was named a captain. It spoke volumes to me about what the team thought of him and his work. While I've been a firm JT supporter this year I'll support whoever starts. I may not agree with a decision that's made, but it's not my decision to make. 

Tom Herman's departure has affected this offense immeasurably. Coach Warriner may be one of the best O-line coaches in the country, but Cardale didn't get much time to think that in the first half. Gophers in his face immediately. You could see the frustration on every face in the first half. 

JT brings calm & confidence to the field. I hope he gets the chance to provide that next week. 

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Nope, JT isn't reading many defenses this year, but last year around this time is when the buzz was starting about the young qb who was putting up great numbers, except the VT game.

Call it Cardale bashing if you will. It's not. We don't have the same feeling this year when Cardale takes the field with 6 games played that we had last year when JT took the field. 

2014 JT after 6 games 107 for 164 with 1354 yards. 20 TD, 5 int  

2015 Cardale after 6 games 83 for 133 with 1157 yards. 7 TD, 5 int

Red zone needs improvement. It improved yesterday.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I've been a JT fan from before the spring game when he couldn't play. I believe you get a more cerebral qb who is more adept at reading defenses with JT under center. Cardale is raw unbridled power. He's not reading things well and he's  releasing the ball late. I don't question the numbers CJ is putting up, but we aren't looking at sacks that aren't the fault of the OL, tackles for loss because of late reads, etc. JT was voted a captain by his peers for a reason. Let's se where the red zone experiment leads us. 

Comment 02 Sep 2015

There's so much here.

I am lucky enough to still have both of my parents. We're vacationing together next week. I foolishly made dinner reservations for 7 pm Monday night, and I was severely reprimanded by my father for forgetting the game. Our reservations have been rescheduled for 5:30 pm, and we will be at the condo for kick off. Thanks Dad!  And I love you and Mom much!  Thank you Ramzy. 

Comment 17 Apr 2015

I want the B1G to win outside the conference. Call it conference pride or whatever you want. Indiana beating Missouri has been tossed around on here as a great thing. It is! Champions of the SEC EAST!  

I am an OSU fan first. I'm a B1G fan second. When anyone in the B1G plays outside the conference I want them to win except ttun. Inside the conference I don't care much as long as the Buckeyes win and ttun loses. This past New Years Day was better than Christmas!  Wisky and MSU's wins were wonderful to behold, and the Buckeyes take down of Alabama was far and away the most enjoyable thing I've witnessed in sports. 

I must update my profile!