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Comment 15 Oct 2019

Counter-point; we are better than UGA in every conceivable metric. I agree though, in the sense that we should take things one game at a time.

What's funny to me about UGA going with Fromm over Justin, is the rationale that although the talented youngsters have higher ceilings, the player with more experience, has a higher floor (meaning, you might not get world class play, but you won't get a total stinker). Instead, Fromm sh*t the bed on Saturday, LOL. 

Comment 04 Sep 2019

NFL rookie contracts are automatically slotted depending on your draft position. This slotting system, negotiated by the NFL Players Union, artificially keeps rookie wages low. Further, if Zeke had been a bust, the Cowboys could have simply cut him at ANYTIME, because NFL contracts are non-guaranteed (at that point he would only keep the signing bonus, which is why the signing bonus is always the most important figure in an NFL contract). On the flip side, if Zeke outperforms the value of his contract (which he clearly did, given that he's one of the best in the NFL at his position, but was still stuck playing for rookie money), his ONLY recourse is to sit out and demand that his contract be renegotiated based upon his actual market value. 

Comment 23 Aug 2019

I admire your positivity, and with a "game manager" at QB, explosive running led by JK, and our "usual" dominant D, it's conceivable that tOSU wins out, are B1G Champs, and make the playoffs, therefore I'd agree with your take if it was "our playoff hopes are not gone without Justin." 

HOWEVER, in zero scenarios do I think we could actually win a National Championship without Justin. I don't think we could simply keep up with Clemson, Bama, or OU. I think a playoff game with Gunner at QB would resemble the 2016 Clemson game (which I was at).

Not a positive memory.......

Comment 07 Jun 2019

The TEAM has the option of ripping up the original rookie K and giving the player a long term deal; however, that never happens. Instead, when a player is playing above the value of his rookie K (like Russell Wilson and LeVeon Bell), they have little recourse. As a QB, Wilson knew his risk of injury was low, and therefore waited until his mega K. LeVeon Bell, as a RB, knows that the shelf life/tread life on a RB is relatively low. Therefore, his ONLY recourse was to sit out the year, rather than play out the rest of the deal (or get a one year "franchise tag" deal, which happened the first year his rookie K elapsed). 

It was only until he was an unrestricted free agent that he could sign a long term deal that resembled his market value/actual productivity. 

Comment 03 Jun 2019

Kudos on the research this article required! Finding stats/highlights of these international leagues are VERY hard to come by, and it's good to see so many Buckeyes still playing and earning a living. Ron Lewis! Othella Hunter! Keep grindin! 

Comment 30 May 2019

Terrelle has NFL size and speed. However, that doesn't always equate NFL-caliber SKILL at the WR position. From the games I've watched him play, he needed improvements with beating physical DB's at the snap, and struggles to make make tough catches in traffic (I mean, those are hard plays, but plays he needs to make when the ball hits him in the hands and he just couldn't corral them). 

I applauded Terrelle when he turned down the Browns 4 year 30 million offer (the Browns kinda low-balled him) in order to bet on himself and get a bigger deal via a big year in Washington (it didn't work out due to injuries, but the Browns turned around and gave that money to Kenny Britt, which essentially meant they flushed it down the toilet!). 

Braxton is actually in a tougher spot than Terrelle, IMHO. He's quick, but doesn't have blazing speed (4.5, as opposed to someone like Curtis who ran a 4.3). Also, given his injury history is suggestive of durability issues. 

Comment 30 May 2019

A quick Googling shows that the minimum years of service is 3, but that they receive an additional annuity if they make it to 10 years. Mostly recently, those who retire after 1998 receive $5,640/month per year of service.  Therefore if Terrelle does indeed have 8 years, he'll be eligible to collect $45120/month starting at age 55. (they also have a good 401K where they match 200% of player contributions). 

Comment 14 May 2019

I'm not at all assuming that he would have played that well the entire year. But the idea that he somehow "learned" from watching Tyrod Taylor....well.....do Tyrod Taylor things is quite puzzling. Yes, he wouldn't have been the Pro Bowl caliber guy he was the last 3rd of the season....but he would have been FAR FAR better than what we had in the beginning, which dug us is in too large a hole to climb out of. 

Comment 13 May 2019

It's been oft-said that throwing some QB's "into the fire too early would ruin his development and cripple his potential before he has the chance to realize it.........There are more examples of that happening to promising quarterback prospects than the alternative."

I'm not sure I believe that to be the case. Rather, those QB's were flawed from the start, and regardless of how long they would have "developed" by watching film and riding the bench, were always gonna be subpar NFL QB's. 

I think Dwayne is an absolute stud. I think the's the best QB that the Skins have on their roster. They should start him from Game 1 and let him learn on the job. Yes, at times he will struggle when the pocket collapses and he tries going sideways instead of stepping up into the pocket, but I have no doubt he will be better in year 2 with 16 games under his belt, than he would have been if he sat for 16 games and "learned".