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Comment 26 Jun 2018
I don't mean to get bent out of shape. Its just frustrating knowing that some guys out there (no names) are being paid millions to do exactly what I just did in 10 min to evaluate a qb. You got to look at the team surrounding him to determin how good the kid is. Maurer has 0 kids on his team that are going to the next level at this moment unless something changes. Miller..... good o line, excellent rb...... and a def that'll make 4/5 stops a game. You guys got Mathis and that's good your qb situation is better now. But the truth is ohio state never had a chance at Maurer anyway. Not his style of offense. That style is good for rbs, o line but a dead end for qbs. Once he got over the big name offer excitement he would've figured that out on his own. And overall , from what I read, the fan base thought of him as a settlement anyway. He'll go somewhere that sees what I see and make a name for himself. He deserves better. In fact if I were a buckeye faithful I would be more worried about Miller staying once he gets there.
Comment 24 Jun 2018
Is there something in the water of ohio? Or are you guys just as good as the "experts" at qb evaluation? Let me tell you all something you obviously don't know about Maurer. If you look at his tape it's around 10 min long. About the same as anyone else in the country. The difference is Maurer only has 1.8 sec from snap to sack if he doesn't make a move. Compare that to the 3.9 seconds that your top target Gunnell had and it'll tell you Maurer is better. Just as many and impressive highlights with less than half the time.= faster progressions. Now compare Maurer to the #1 qb in this class (Rattler). Rattler plays for a football school where Maurer plays for a school known for performing arts. Rattlers highlight reel shows more time, questionable decision making and a wr core full of Dez Bryants. Maurers shows accuracy under pressure, dropped balls(around 10 per gm), and the ability to escape. If you ask me, when you add all that up you have the best qb in the country not named Spencer Rattler. His name is Brian Maurer. Yet the ohio fan base and coaching staff repeatedly call him things like C recruit or bandaid due to the fact that his team hubbers around .500 every year. I would argue he may be better than the one you're waiting on for 2020. Do any of you know that his numbers on that same team are better than the 4* 2018 qb from the same area Nkosi Perry(miami commit)? If you think I'm full of crap ask yourself why Maurer of all qbs at the elite 11 came out of nowhere. Ask yourself why Gunnell wasn't even mentioned. Then ask yourself why all of you give this kid such a hard time. There's no doubt in my mind that IF he came to Ohio State he would take the starting job. But with the level of support I've seen he should put them at the bottom of his list and move on.
Comment 20 Jun 2018
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Brian Mauer is hands down the best qb in the nation despite his ranking/ stars. I've been reading mostly negative comments in reguards to him from the buckeye faithful. Bit take it from someone that knows him personally with no biased opinion. He completes 58% at his hs and I personally count 5-7 drops before halftime of any given game. 10-12 at games end. Add that in and he's hitting his mark 85-90% of the time. He runs a legit sub 4.6 at 6'4. He has a total of 0 teammates that are ranked, or have ANY stars of their own. He plays at a 7-A school that is the biggest in his home town, therefore 8of his 10 games per yr are against teams from Orlando area and are quite a bit more talented to say the least. (Don't forget florida is db nation) If you actually evaluated him properly you would discover that he has an average of 1.8 seconds from snap to sack if he doesn't make a move. Therefore that tells me his decision making is faster than those 5* guys most of you want. Compared to the #1 overall ranked qb in 2019 (Spencer rattler) Rattler is a better runner. But Mauer is the faster thinker with best decision making and just as accurate although under more pressure and throwing against overall more gifted athletes in florida vs Arizona. Mauer is also throwing to receivers that are, let's just say average opposed to Rattler throwing to a team full of mini Dez Bryant's. Rattler also has an overwhelmingly better def to get the ball back for him and make stops. Mauer doesn't have that luxury therefore he plays from behind quite a bit. You see...stars/ ranking have a lot to do with the team that surrounds you. Which is unfair given the fact that you are being individually judged. I happen to take it upon myself to research the team's that show interest in him and one thing I've learned is if you want to know how an organization truly feels.... look at the fans comments. You can bet that he will read every one of them before his decision is made. Myself personally.... after reading what most have to say.... I hope ohio state does not offer him due to the fact that he will never please the fan base nor even play outside of emergency. He deserves better. He deserves loyalty and a coaching staff/ fans that believes in him the same way I do.