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Comment 30 Aug 2018

Puts me in the mind of if Jea’Sean Tate played football, this what he would look like.

Comment 28 Feb 2018

Well put.  We also only have 3 million people to keep happy.  Interesting that our infrastructure is #1.  My accountant and I were having this discussion the other day over how high our state and corporate tax rates are in Iowa versus some of our neighbors excluding Illinois.  We were trying to figure out where the money is spent since they keep cutting the state universities budgets.

Comment 29 Oct 2017

Completely agree, think he will wait for the right opportunity and right fit.  Cyclone fans are funny because they are like "you just have to make us respectable and bowl eligible and we'll let you stay forever and pay you and not run you out of town when we have a couple bad seasons."  Probably won't pay him like Ferentz but will make it a respectable job.  The Iowa fans all claim they pay Ferentz so much so the NFL won't steal him.......

Comment 29 Oct 2017

As weird as it sounds I don't think Campbell leaves Iowa State this year.  I think he is personally committed to 3 years based on comments he has made and think he gets a raise this year for sure.  Their fans absolutely detest even talking about him leaving and were all mad about Herbstreets comments last week about him. 

Comment 21 Apr 2017

The robot is definitely interesting.  The problem still is what do you do with all the data and how do you make a actionable decision with it that either improves yields or reduces input costs.  Farming still comes down to making a profit and if the technology doesn't improve the bottom line, then it will little to no adoption.  May have use in test plots and plant breeding for improved analysis and you have very accurate yield measurements of the plants.  Also, leave up to Illinois to focus on a biomass sorghum that is not grown by a single farmer in the Midwest. 

Comment 24 Jan 2017

Iowa is going to get dumped by Iowa State this year.  This is a big rivalry in the state and the Cyclones new coach got things going late in the last season.  Ferentz also isn't due for a good season for another two years since he is on the 4 year plan, 3 years of below expectations followed by a year of exceeding expectations (shoe him in for the 2019 BIG COY) to get his contract extended.  

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Navy, completely agree that it's not worth the cost, was just making the pint it is possible.  Friend and I had a discussion this morning on how the ball is placed between downs where on official just eyeballs it from the marker after an incomplete pass, we are splitting hairs when trying to get more than probably +/- a foot unless you have someone dive directly to the ground with the ball in direct line of sight for a referee. 

Cameras in the chains was a point of discussion in the office this morning would be good but still relies on line of sight like the line judge not ataning in front of it as he try's to call and determine the spot himself.