Skull Session: Kerry Coombs Still Has Speed, DJ Carton Seems to Hint at a Return, and Nate Ebner Owns Part of a Rugby Team

By Kevin Harrish on February 20, 2020 at 4:59 am
We're trusting chris Holtmann in today's skull session.

Folks, I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a bad day to be an Iowa Hawkeye.

Here's hoping Justin Ahrens makes Fran McCaffery say bad words.

Word of the Day: Indecorous.

 COFFEE COURSING THROUGH HIS VEINS. If you thought 58 was the age where Kerry Coombs stopped (successfully) competing with Division I athletes, you'd be dead-ass wrong.

Ohio State's sentient can of Red Bull showed he's still got burners on Wednesday, racing a group of offensive linemen in a short sprint and maybe even winning? You decide.

At some point, I'm going to need a video of a one-on-one between Coombs and Brian Hartline on a goal-line fade.

Hartline would for sure be the betting favorite, but there's not a damn chance Coombs is just going to give the golden boy a touchdown without a fight.

 DJ CARTON TEASES RETURN? DJ Carton's situation is an odd one where nobody really wants to speculate about what's going on because it's such a private matter, but also everyone is so genuinely curious and everything is so hushed and cryptic that it kinda forces you to speculate a bit if you give even the slightest damn.

That said, a vague post on Carton's Snapchat story spurred some of that speculation on Wednesday afternoon when he posted a picture with the caption ”Back with the gang on Friday” followed by a few photos with the team (as captured here by noted news-breaker Turd Ferguson. Thank you for your service, Mr. Turd Ferguson).

But then, a few hours after he posted that, Chris Holtmann said Carton won't attend today's game at Iowa and made it sound like any return to the team in any capacity was pretty far off, so who the hell really knows what's going on.

Maybe this means he's seeing his teammates Friday, maybe it means he's returning to school on Friday, or maybe it has nothing to do with his status with the team or the university at all.

Ultimately, I'm fairly certain everybody – coaches, teammates, friends, family and fans – all just want what's best for him, so whatever needs to happen, whenever it happens, is going to be all good. But in the meantime, it's damn near impossible not to be a little curious, especially with such seemingly conflicting information like that.

 EBNER THE ENTREPRENEUR. It looks like Nate Ebner's making some moves in the business world as he's now the proud (minority) owner of a Major League Rugby team along with his New England Patriots teammate Patrick Chung.

Veteran safeties Nate Ebner and Patrick Chung both hold minority ownership stakes in the New England Free Jacks, who began their debut season in Major League Rugby earlier this month.

Ebner and Chung began working with the nascent franchise shortly after its inception in Fall 2018, according to Free Jacks CEO Alex Magleby, but their involvement remained private until this week. Magleby, a former United States national rugby sevens captain, coach and general manager, explained Tuesday why he sought out the two Patriots as investors.

“I think the No. 1 thing is they both really understand performance sport, and that’s what we’re in,” Magleby told “We’ve created a model where we have a lot of professional (players) from overseas, and there are also locals. (Ebner and Chung) are at the forefront of performance sport in the United States, and they have been for a long time. And of course, Nate’s experience in rugby to augment that is really important. You have two folks who really understand the sports side of this whole thing.

“But beyond that, they’re both really intelligent, smart, and they’re good investors. They’re wise with where they put their money, and they’re involved because they’re good investors, and I think that’s a really important piece. They are committed to performance sport, they see the entertainment value of sport and what it can do for communities, and they’re both highly active in their communities — and just overall really good guys.”

For those unaware, Ebner was a rugby protege long before he was a legendary football special teamer for the Buckeyes or the Patriots.

Ebner was the MVP of Team USA at both the under-19 IRB Junior World Championship in 2007 and the under-20 IRB Junior World Championship in 2008, and even went back to his rugby roots to represent Team USA in the 2016 Olympics.

TL;DR, he's a man among men, and has been for quite a while.

 SIX STRAIGHT. A few weeks ago, there was a heavy bit of concern that Ohio State would even make the women's NCAA Tournament. Six-straight wins later, the Buckeyes are nowhere near the bubble.

Ohio State started the six-game stretch as a team desperately eeking out a comeback overtime road win against Nebraska, and now they're looking like a damn death machine, dominating the corn people from start to finish.

They're probably not going to be higher than a five or six seed in the tournament, but I would want absolutely no part of this team in March. These Buckeyes have "dream killers" written all over them.

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