Players Attempt to Draw Their Team's Logo at Big Ten Media Days

By Andrew Lind on July 26, 2017 at 9:15a

In a recent fit of boredom, I tried to draw from memory the primary logo of all 14 Big Ten schools. Most were fairly accurate, while some — like Penn State's — weren't very pretty. 

I don't have any gear emblazoned with a blue and white Nittany Lion, so you'll have to forgive me for making it look more like the ThunderCats' emblem. But what about the current players, whose closets are full of team-issued gear and who walk through facilities with logos plastered on every wall?

So, as players fielded questions during Big Ten Media Days — including the oft-lampooned "talk about..." — I asked them to instead try their hand at drawing their team's primary logo.

The results... well, let's just say they varied. 

Some logos are a lot easier to draw than others. Or, at least, that's what Illinois offensive tackle Christian DiLauro and Indiana linebacker Tegray Scales thought before they picked up their pens.

Their attempts, as well as those from the 40 other players in attendance, are presented below without further comment.