Court Records: Greg Schiano Witnessed Jerry Sandusky Sexual Assault

By Eric Seger on July 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm
Court Records: Greg Schiano witnessed Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse

According to court records unsealed Tuesday morning, former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary was told of current Ohio State assistant coach Greg Schiano witnessing Jerry Sandusky assaulting a minor, while both Schiano and Sandusky were on the staff at Penn State.

In McQueary's deposition, which took place in August 2015, he said former Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke of two other Nittany Lion assistants who had witnessed Sandusky's improper contact with minors.

According to McQueary, Bradley spoke of an assistant in the early '90s and another in the early '80s who had witnessed Sandusky's behavior. When asked, McQueary stated the assistant Bradley mentioned from the '90s was Schiano.

Q: And did he give you any details about what Coach Schiano had reported to him?

A: No, only that he had -- I can't remember if it was one night or one morning, but that Greg had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just saw Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower. And that's it. That's all he ever told me.

When asked if anything had been done at that time, McQueary responded by saying Bradley did not share that information with him.

Schiano served as Penn State's defensive backs coach from 1991–1995, which would have made him a peer to Bradley, serving as Penn State's outside linebackers and special teams coach, during the incident mentioned in McQueary's deposition. Both coaches reported to Sandusky, then the team's defensive coordinator.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Tom Bradley's lawyer denied his client's involvement:

“At no time did Tom Bradley ever witness any inappropriate behavior. Nor did he have any knowledge of alleged incidents in the 80’s and 90’s. He has consistently testified as such. Any assertions to the contrary are false. When he became aware of the 2001 incident it had already been reported to the University administration years earlier.”

Schiano, entering his first season as Ohio State's associate head coach and defensive coordinator, also denied any knowledge of Sandusky's crimes.

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