Did Urban Meyer Accidentally Leak Radical, Black Alternate Uniforms?

By D.J. Byrnes on October 22, 2014 at 12:42 pm
Are these OSU's latest alternates?

UPDATE (7:33 PM): Meyer, when asked about Ohio State wearing black uniforms, said he would be good with it.

"Somewhere down the road, maybe," Meyer said after practice. "Not this week." Added Meyer, "That’s up to my boss. I would, sure." 

UPDATE (2:09 PM): According to an Ohio State spokesperson, Ohio State currently has "no plans" on wearing black uniforms:

Consider that a weird denial dripping with parlance? We did too:

Austin Ward of ESPN was granted access to Urban Meyer's office, and the resulting interactive digital tour is worth checking out.

But what's probably most interesting, is this photo of what appears to be a mock up of alternate, never-before-seen alternate jerseys. COULD IT BE? Here's a closer look:


The uniform appears to include a black helmet, black jersey, and grey pants with red socks. And hey, that's a Nike bug in the bottom right corner.

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