Presser Bullets: Ohio State Introduces Chris Holtmann as Head Basketball Coach

By Tim Shoemaker on June 12, 2017 at 11:37 am
New Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann takes the podium for the first time.

Chris Holtmann can finally, at long last, take a deep breath.

Just over 72 hours after he was officially named Ohio State's head basketball coach, Holtmann was introduced Monday during a press conference at Value City Arena. It was the end of what's surely been a hectic week and weekend for Holtmann.

During the news conference, which lasted roughly 30 minutes, Holtmann and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith spoke on a number of different topics. Some highlights of what each had to say can be seen below.

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Chris Holtmann
  • Holtmann during his opening statement: “This was a decision that I had to work through. Gene was aggressive and persistent in his approach."
  • On Ohio State: "A passionate fanbase that absolutely loves and craves a winner. That combination was simply too hard to pass up."
  • "One of the first things I wanted to do was stand in front of [the current players]. I was really, really impressed."
  • On former coach Thad Matta: "I also want to thank Coach Matta. Thad is a friend and his guidance through this process speaks a lot about him. It was important to me that I had his blessing."
  • Holtmann has "complete open doors" to former Ohio State players. 
  • On recruiting Ohio: “We’re going to be really aggressive and passionate as a staff about adding Ohio State guys to this program. I’ve recruited Ohio for over 20 years and it has outstanding players and coaching. It will be paramount to our success."
  • On passing other offers and why he took the Ohio State job: "This is the only one I seriously considered."
  • On what he's already done on the recruiting trail: "That first hour I started making some calls."
  • On hiring a coaching staff: "We're going to build an incredible staff. That will take place in the coming days."
  • On expectations: "I think one of the reasons you come to a place like this is because you understand expectations."
  • "What I'm most excited about is [the current players]."
  • On coaching style: "We want to be tough and tough-minded. Aggressive and physical. We want our guys to play with freedom and go out there and cut loose and play."
  • On coaching at a football school: "I love it."
  • On the hectic, crazy week: "It's been a little bit of a blur."
  • His family had a vacation scheduled for Hilton Head set to begin last Saturday. "We had a little bit of a change in plans," he said. 
  • On current team: "I sensed an excitement and a readiness to get to work. I can't wait to get working."
Gene Smith
  • During Smith's opening statement, he said: "When we met with our student-athletes on the team we promised them we would work hard to get this right."
  • Smith on coaching search: “As we vetted the background of candidates, Chris Holtmann’s name continued to surface. He emerged as our No. 1 candidate."
  • On original meeting with Thad Matta: “When I met with Thad on Friday, June 2, I did not go into that meeting anticipating we would make a leadership change."
  • Smith said Holtmann was originally offered the job on Tuesday of last week. First was offered a seven-year contract, then it went to eight years.
  • Smith met with Holtmann and his family in Dayton and finalized the deal. 
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