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ICYMI: Rill Dill's Soccer Rant Made The BBC

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June 27, 2014 at 3:34pm

That's right, the site's curmudgeon of the week (a title I impart with love) has earned some international acclaim scorn this week, as our very own Rill Dill was quoted by the BBC in a story about Americans befuddled by the fact that a loss to Germany yesterday was cause for celebration. (Yes, in point of fact we were celebrating the fact that we made it out of the hardest group in the Cup against three of the toughest teams in the cup, but I'm simplifying the argument for the sake of brevity.)

This is not the time to rehash all of the grief we threw at one another yesterday; I just wanted to share the BBC piece in case you aren't still following the original thread.

Hat tip to the eagle-eyed BrooklynBuckeye for spotting and sharing this piece.

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