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Multiple Bama Players Return Who Were Projected in the First Round, Setting Up a Tua Return

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January 2, 2020 at 5:16pm

OT Alex Leatherwood announced he will be returning despite some first round projections. LB Dylan Moses was also projected by some to go in the first but after missing the entire year he will return next year. There are still many players for Bama with decisions to be made but Leatherwood returning may be tipping off that Tua is also returning and the goal is for a Bama championship after the constant rumors he would be back. The 2017 class is arguably Bamas best ever and only won a championship their first year on campus. Tua returning is a bid deal because Fields and Lawrence would have likely been the only elite QBs next year paving a somewhat easy path to a championship nationally. It will be interesting to see what other Bama players may leave because they were likely going to have few starters back but others may follow their team mates.

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