Last Go 'Round: Fresh Off Visit To Ohio State, Garrett Wilson Talks About Two New Buckeye Commits And His Relationship With Paris Johnson Jr.

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Cool article.  First one in this series I've caught.  I'm excited to have him leading the class and future recruiting efforts.  I'm kind of surprised he called out the LBs though.  I mean, we're all thinking it (or typing it in the forums on 11w), but to kind of put future teammates on blast....just surprising.  Loved the piece overall.

They hate us cuz they aint us!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It is new when a recruit is analyzing the team, but that's the way of the world now. We've gone a long way from Woody Hayes being a pioneer of watching film. Kids have access to any game / play / highlight that they want to study.

But I'm happy that they are studying and watching.  If they're agreeing with us nutheads on 11W, great. They're also free to disagree.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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Right now we need about 10 of the best offensive linemen we can get. Then keep them coming year after year.

Newcomerstown Trojans. Between Woody and Beaver.