Ohio State Football Absurd Weather Stat

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Mind-boggling to me that the 2015 MSU game wasn't colder than 40 at kickoff. After being at that game I would have bet money on colder than that. It was miserable.

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That game was gross. The rain in particular seemed to grind everything to a hault. Not sure why OSU seems to play cruddy in those sorts of conditions at times. That game was just a mess of play calling and everything else. MSU wanted it more and OSU forgot they had one of the best RBs ever.

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fuck that game, still trying to get it out of my mind. and yes, that game was miserable, coldest shittiest I've ever been to.  The 02 Michigan game may have been colder but the rain made '15 msu just painful.


Wasn't it below 0 when we won at Minnesota in 2014, too? I also know the 2016 Sparty game was really cold. Won both. 

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I think it was in the teens. 15 degrees if I'm remembering correctly.

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IIRC, the Dilly Bar game was 14. Wind chill doesn't count. 

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That 2016 MSU game was friggin cold. I drove directly to Lima afterward for a High school playoff game immediately afterward. Did I say Brrr.

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I was at the 2014 Illinois game.  I'm not sure I've thawed yet. 

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Shut up, play the game, and try for the first time this season to actually look like a team with a roster of 4 and 5 star players, and IF you win then you can tweet or twit or do whatever social media BS you wanna do and tell everybody how good the Buckeyes are in cold weather. This team should not say a word, and by extension, Meyer should mandate that everyone associated with the program is on lockdown...  no "PR," no cocky stat graphics, no video trailers with scary lighting. Just go play a complete game for the first time ALL YEAR, because the entire college football world has contempt for this Ohio State team. Not a single soul outside of the WHAC respects this team, and I'm not sure how much respect exists inside those walls right now. Go get that respect back by blowing MSU's doors off. Make them believe in you, and then you can talk. 

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What talk? haha chill my friend. Just an interesting stat, I thought it was fun to talk about cold games. Not that we would win because it was cold.

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Might be a slight overreaction to a cold weather statistic.  

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Who hurt you, KMP?

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No one, 09... I'm just a salty asshole who likes to poke the bear. 

When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 70's 

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Ugh...that '01 PSU game.

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I was at the Browns game the year of "Red Right 88" when Sipe threw the interception in the end zone in the playoffs- it was bitterly cold that day.....game time temperature of 4 degrees with wind chills below 0. It was cold, one of the coldest NFL games played...………….I was also at all of the other playoff games until they moved and witnessed them as well. 

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Those numbers prove that the Buckeyes are a cold weather team! We all know that statistics on the internet are never wrong! 

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Looks like it is going to be windy too.  Glad I will be watching from home.

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I can't believe that MSU game wasn't colder, thought I had pneumonia after that one

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Nice stats.  Wonder what Sparty's comparative stats are in cold weather?

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2013 @ _ichigan. Sunny out, but man it was cold. I saw that two point interception like it was slow motion. What a game!

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Coldest game I attended was 1991 Iowa, where it was about 20 degrees at kickoff at 3:30, after daylight savings time ended, so the entire second half was under the lights.  My feet froze and we lost.  2002 Michigan was pretty cold, but I didn't feel the cold that day!  Eddie George's 314 yard day against Illinois was pretty cold, but that was mostly the wind, I think the temp was in the upper 30's or low 40's, but the wind went through you like a knife. 

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Purdue at OSU November 15, 1969.

Mike Phipps swan song, losing 42-14

17 degrees. C-Deck was brutal, even with hip flask of Southern Comfort.

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