Videos: Davon Hamilton, Demetrius Knox, Dre'Mont Jones, Keandre Jones, Michael Jordan, Pete Werner and Urban Meyer Meet the Media Before Trip to Michigan State

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Why Keandre Jones is not playing more on defense is a complete shocker to me. With the break out game for B. White, I'm curious how many other guys we have sitting on the sidelines that could really help this team right now?   

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At this point of the season I don’t think any coach should feel too proud to put anyone in the game . If a bench player can bring some energy play him ! 

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Have fun and kick some ass!

"I think Alabama would beat Ohio State if they played next weekend!" Clay Travis Fox Sports Post Championship Show 1.12.2015.  Needs no explanation.

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I listened to an interview of Demetrius Knox after last weeks game, and he basically laughed at a question asking if he thought they fixed the O-Line problems they had, saying something like "Oh yeah, definitely...we had to come out and play well because it was Coach Stud's birthday" … you have to be kidding me .. it's this type of mentality that's partially why they are so average as run blockers.  You seriously think you fixed your problems by playing average against a 2-6 Nebraska team that you beat by 5 point … If this is what they are striving for and the type of mentality that is going to be passed down from the coaching staff to the players, then I want no part of it -- it's an absolute joke.

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I wasn't aware the O-line played a bad game against Nebraska.  They didn't fumble, they didn't give up any 45 yard passes or long runs, they didn't drop any of Haskins' passes and they didn't even throw any bad passes.  But they did block well for the running backs and they did provide good cover for the passing game and, yes, Haskins did get sacked once, but the o-line blocked their guys while a couple of receivers didn't even touch Dormann, let alone block him from running from the outside.  The o-line had probably their best game of the year and if someone in the press is going to recognize them for that they should be allowed to laugh a little and enjoy the moment.  You can pretend that you have the right mindset for a player to the point you can be angry at their mindset after they've done a pretty good job, but if you're going to call out names, it's usually a good idea to recognize who has allowed a 2-6 team to stay in a game for four quarters and who had a good game. 

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Pete Werner is so weak. He simply doesn't look the part.