House Money: Crimson Tide Still Cruising, Mike Gundy and the Cowboys Looking to Pull a Stunner in Week 11

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Looks like Gundy is going to win "Best Hair" again this year.

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And best response regarding twitter.


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Surprisingly all the sharps are on tOSU. Means I might buy a point to take it -2.5 since I already took Sparty at -5.5

Vires Et Honestas

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I am floored our D is only 68th. Shitshow Schiano has a lot of work to do. 

Michigan sucks.

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I think I'll have them put #NotBad on my tombstone.

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I do not see us beating MSU. I hope I am wrong and we blow them out. Dantonio smells blood and with the 49-3 lashing we gave them last year I am sure many players want payback and they know that beating us basically eliminates us from playoffs and Big Championship game even if we beat Michigan.

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For those of you who are betting a couple of "pops" this weekend - I highly suggest Michigan -39 and the OVER in that contest, along with IU/MD UNDER, NW +11 and OVER in that game. That's my 5 team parlay - free of charge.

No such thing as a bad win

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Tailing. Let's get this bread 


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I think I like Okie State +17.5 a lot 

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Thanks to White, the Buckeye defense began to display some of it's old lustre during the second half last week. Then, during their last possession, Nebraska moved down the field as though it were playing against a bad Pop Warner team. I don't know whether the Buckeyes were simply in a "prevent" defensive mode, but it really disturbed me to see them being gouged in that situation. I think that if we fall behind early this week, (as often we have done this year) it will be doubly difficult to win the game. Conversely, if the defense has recovered some of it's old spark, I see OSU beating the Spartans by some score along the lines of 30-13. They are not a particularly good offense, and Bachie or no Bachie, Day and Wilson should, I think, be able to justify their salaries tomorrow.