Nebraska Quarterback Adrian Martinez, Who Visited Ohio State As a Recruit Last Fall, Confident Entering His Return Trip to Columbus

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Standing on the sideline watching the game as a hosted recruit does not prepare you to actually play QB on the opposing team in the Shoe, young man

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THEE Shoe is no longer frightening except for ticket costs.  The first time we are in a hole will bring more boos than cheers to start the game.

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Yeah, opponents now come to the banks of the Olentangy knowing they can compete. Honestly though, except for it's imposing size, Ohio Stadium has rarely offered an intimidating crowd in the last 60 years.

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NB, I think your timeline is a bit long.  Doubt that was true during Kern, Tatum, years!  And 68 was fifty years ago, that is, if my math is correct!!

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Have you watched the OSU defense this year?  

This one scares me after what happened at Purdue.  The real question is will the offense be able to impose its will on the Nebraska defense.

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Respect for Adrian Martinez - he's had to carry Nebraska early, often, and without a great deal of help.

Ohio State's defense had best expect another tough performance from the opposing QB.

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Sadly, I won't be shocked to see our defense make Martinez look like a Heisman contender. The LB's got absolutely torched by the last running back/QB they faced. They're either going to then the corner or not and it looks like we'll find out on Saturday

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Martinez is going to be a really good player for the 'Huskers in coming years but this Saturday in the 'Shoe won't be his coming out party.

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I didn’t realaize that we never extended an offer to Martinez.   Interesting.  

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I believe the  move toward different style of QB changed that 

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If we position our back 7 well, we get at least 2 interceptions Saturday. Wait, is this not Friday Night Fights?

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I love to see the mutual respect players have for each other.   Young men are learning to become good people. 

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There have been at least 100 quarterbacks from Nebraska named Martinez.

Cool to see the mutual respect among guys at a position where there is usually a lot of ego involved.

And Toledo still sucks.

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This young man and his offense makes me nervous.  I hope our defensive scheme has been tinkered with and corrected, or it could be another rough day for our defense.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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AM is an up and coming QB in hte B10 and for Nebraska.  The Bucks best not take him lightly.  With the way their and our defenses have been playing this game could very well come down to which defense holds the opponent to the fewest points. 

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Hahahaa, the last part of your statement reminds me of Hairball.

Someone asked him which team will win and he says, "The team that scores the most points."

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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I live in Omaha, and Big Red Nation was very happy to land this guy. If I remember correctly we didn't offer partly due to a shoulder injury he had in HS. Also, Lake Travis is well known for producing very good talent in the state of TX, so here's hoping the #BaldwinBus proves the coaches right.

Defensively NE really struggles, so this could be a bit of a shoot out if we don't turn things around in the back 7 of our own defense.


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An accurate and mobile QB?  That's not particularly good for us.  We'll get blanket coverage, then let the QB pick of the 1st.  To counter that, we'll blitz the QB, not get there, and let him throw for a big play.  At least, that's been our MO this year.  

I'm not saying we're going to lose or going all doom and gloom - but this seems to be the kind of team our D struggles against consistently.  I'm definitely hoping we've figured out something during the bye week.  We need to cover the spread here to get the ship righted.  Just winning, especially if it's a close thing, would simply confirm that they've not addressed the issues the team has.  

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It's not Haskins vs. Martinez. It's the ability of our O vs. their D and vice versa. We need to focus on improving the obvious.

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Unless this kid caves to the "moment" of playing OSU in the horseshoe he'll go for 300+ combined yards and a few TDs. It's too easy against our defense unless they've made drastic changes.

Purdue is a better offense overall but this kid can run as well as McSorley and our D has gotten much worse since the Penn State game.

I think we can win by simply outscoring but I envision a score like 38-28.

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Time for our defense to step up. He's a helluva good young man, but our pass rush needs to get there and put the hurt on him.

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