Scott Frost and the Cornhuskers Could Further Complicate the Big Ten's Recruiting Landscape

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Robinson probably viewed how OSU uses similar players (McCall and Gill) and said, "Thanks but No Thanks".

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Not going to feel down about a player that chooses Nebraska over Ohio State. I remember when the Husker fans painted Tyjon Lindsey as a huge steal and we all saw how that turned out.

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You need to see the film on this kid. He would be a GREAT fit at OSU and has the talent to start almost right away. He is a different style of playmaker and has the knowledge to work not only slot but has the moves to go inside out and right now. I hope he chooses the Bucks because I honestly feel he would be used more than at Nebraska. But good luck to him wherever he goes.....except versus Bucks. 


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I am not saying that he isn't going to be a stud and I do want him to become a Buckeye (though unlikely)... However, the tape is quite deceitful.  I am from the area and know high school football like the back of my hand, it isn't great competition folks.

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Nebraska will be more than a 'thorn in the side" if OSU keeps playing like they have been....

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Frost more than made a name for himself while at Central Florida...... Scott Frost for Josh Heupel at UCF.

 The AAC is NOT the Big Ten. Out of 12 teams only 5 have a winning record in that conference so far this year. And with a new coach UCF is 7-0. So it wasn't so much Frost  as it was the strength of the conference. In the Big Ten, currently 8 out of 14 teams have a winning record. Sure, all that can change. Frost can come up with a recruiting tactic that might draw in top recruits. But, for now, not so.  Coach Osborn was able to do it back in the day. I would find out what he did if I was Frost. For now, the Buckeyes just need to play lights out, and things will take care of themselves regardless of who we are playing.

"The most important statistic, is the number of wins in a season".........Woody Hayes

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We have kids that can move just as good, if he doesn't commit just means he thinks he can play right now for the Huskers.

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I think there is a lot more than ONE top-250 prospect in Ohio's 2019 class. I can name 5.

It's a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio... and TTUN still sucks.

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If Nebraska is going to be a legitimate contender, first a challenger to Wisconsin for division titles in the West, it needs to develop a first-rate defense.  A typical, championship-level Big Ten defense.

Nebraska recruiting, and maximizing the coach staff capabilities, should focus on the defensive side of the ball.  If they do that, over the next 2, 3, 4 years, they should begin to seriously challenge Wisconsin in the West.

"Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it." - Woody Hayes

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Wanting a boom tomorrow!