Cincinnati Wins on Walk-Off Pick-Six to Improve to 7-1

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No cable but I heard the Dan Hoard call of the play on radio.  Nice way to win.  They get Navy next week.  ND is having their way with Navy.

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Varys: Exactly.

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I love Fickell and his success at UC but the last 22 at Ohio State I wouldn't mind him not doing too well and coming back to Ohio State and being the permanent defensive coordinator and linebackers coach. Like a better version of Bud Foster... oh well, dream on, Good for a great coach and a class act! 

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That clip was awesome!  What did the cheerleader mouth into the camera?  Sorry, no sound on my computer.

Cincinnati should not have lost against Temple.  They went soft on defense and gave up a late TD to go to overtime.  Then they couldn't do anything on offense in OT.

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Just lip reading but I think she said Go 'Stangs which I would guess is their rallying cry.  That's probably the default thing to say even when your team just lost the game and someone puts a camera in your face. 

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I don't think she had any clue what going on.

Dan Isaacs

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Luke Fickell's team can play defense. 

You win with people. 

And so forth...

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Paging Marcus Freeman....Paging Marcus Freeman!!

Looks like there may an office opening located at 535 Schottenstein Drive Columbus, OH at the end of the season. Please look into that if offered the job...(I'll help Bill Davis pack) 

Well, Columbus wasn't looking for America, my man, but that turned out to be pretty okay for everyone.

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Nice, but SMU isn't very good.  

Barney Fife lives, and he lives amongst us.

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I wasn't making a comparison, just saying that beating SMU in overtime isn't a big deal.  

Barney Fife lives, and he lives amongst us.

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Between this and the OU game, the Bearcats certainly can't complain about bad luck this season.

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