Ohio State Women's Hockey Penalized for Illegible Numbers on New Black Uniforms

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See what happens when Nike tries to ruin tradition

Feed the trolls

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Nike making a mockery of the long illustrious tradition of tOSU women’s hockey. Sad

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If the refs are having trouble reading them, imagine how it is for fans and announcers.

Numbers should contrast sharply from jerseys. This used to be standard before Nike, Under Armor and other big name athletic apparel companies started the alt uniform craze.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Regulations should always be crystal clear and avoid wording such as "contrasting, easily readable, clearly", and the like. Changes in uniforms such as this should be approved by the governing body before being used in a contest.


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I work in graphic design (software, web). The minimum contrast ratio between numbers and the background is 4 to 1 for accessibility and legibility.

Nike designers should know this stuff, as they're designing these uniforms on a computer. There are simple tools to measure the contrast.

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That’s too bad because those look great 

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Maybe if we were Purdue or Iowa.

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I think Nike has already exhausted the monochrome palette.

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