Ohio State's Other Defensive Players Must Step Up Following Nick Bosa's Decision to Focus on NFL

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The long and the short of it is we're in trouble. 

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Since Saturday, there have been a few outspoken critics of members of this community who think the defense is a significant concern. One in particular loves to cite nerd stats and condescend to those who believe the defense is an underperforming, uninspired, lost unit. Listening to lots of sports talk radio today, it seems that James Laurinaitis and Jay Richardson, both former Buckeyes and successful NFL players, are dumbfounded by the defense's overall performance, the linebackers' constant inability to fill gaps, and the d-line repeatedly getting "blown off' the LOS, most especially by Minnesota. Richardson said the defense is 'not a playoff caliber unit,' and that although he believes Haskins and the pass offense are good enough to carry the team into the tournament, he says the defense, at best, is a group capable of a possible conference title. The defense, despite whatever stats people want to cite, is not good. Just like those who cited Barrett's stats when it was painfully obvious that he had a serious weakness throwing the football downfield, the members of this community who are using stats to make their point are missing what's right in front of their eyes... and in front of the eyes of two former star defensive players. 

When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 70's 

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Those two guys played here when we actually played defense. They did lose a few games to good teams, and a game or two that they shouldn’t have....but they were never undisciplined, unprepared, unmotivated or any semblance of a clown show. 

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One in particular loves to cite nerd stats and condescend to those who believe the defense is an underperforming, uninspired, lost unit. 

Shots fired.

No, seriously, that guy sounds like a jerk.

Meanwhile, I'm over here in the Tressel camp where things are never as great as they seem, and they're never as bad as they seem. 

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I hope the defense wasn't merely playing under the premise of the safety net Bosa's return was supposedly providing.

What's different now that he's officially not returning?

It's well past go time now.

I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low...

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Exactly Hove. It was a long shot if he returned, but the obvious writing was there for anyone willing to read it from the start. What an opportunity for all these guys. Besides, they didn't come here to sit and watch. Go make a name for yourselves!

"Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Woody Hayes

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This may make it “real” in the minds of teenagers though. 

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as in, “this shit just got real”

“Save yourself and relax during every game. I recommend a fine bourbon.”

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I think you got your answer with Purdue.

It looks like the entire team had already resigned out of the starting blocks vs Purdue. Was it Bosa's absence or the collective toll of injuries at key positions, across the board? If the former, it's quite sad if they believe the one that can save them abandons them for greener pastures... when in fact, they have it in themselves to be the hero. 

11W mods and staff seem to be supportive of Bosa's decision. Is this with the understanding that the selfish trend of star players (Bosa notwithstanding, since I know nothing of his actual condition) can have a direct impact on their business? The question I'd be asking is, how can the business aspect of college football be reasonably minimized, such that players can focus purely on the sport, as a team? You know, so that when they sign up for The Brotherhood at The OSU, it's truly All for One and One for All? Rather than: all for one and one for all, until it looks like one is more important than than all? I'd be ordering career insurance policies subsidized by the football program, as an appetizer. OSU and other NFL talent factories can not only afford it, it would both redistribute the wealth to players and remove the payout risk they're taking by remaining committed to the Brotherhood, even as their draft prospects change, to focus on what matters: the Game.

Watching the Brotherhood in action is a large part of what draws me to OSU football (it's actually the only reason I need TV service). You know it when a team truly understands the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. Apart from actual war, there's no other sport that's quite as raw in proving this out.* If the one you're standing shoulder to shoulder with cares mainly about his own ass, it's less likely the team will win, regardless of how much better they seem to be individually. The apparent difference in capability between individuals pales in comparison to collective capabilities of many, united. I believe we witnessed this directly with Purdue. The team fell apart. 7-11 was not recognizable without the 11, as a case of symptom.

Anyhoo, It's just that if you're going to give up, why the hell does it have to be Purdue... a second rate engineering school... in Indiana.

My 2nd hand store crytal ball says:

12 weeks without Bosa will turn into 12 years without an NC. OSU is an A&M (or dare I say PSU?) waiting to happen. Both very large, well funded institutions without new blood at the helm, starving for collective greatness, regardless of personal sacrifice... without the senior leadership vision, starting with U Prez, AD & HC, to solve the underlying problem: you cannot serve both God and Money. Let's assume we're all children of God and some children are closer to some, such as, say, OSU football teammates.

Mach11 with hairball on fire

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Jonathan Cooper, Tyler Friday, Tyreke Smith... Opportunity is now knocking, so answer the God Damn Door!

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Best comment on this whole topic!

The ugly truth is often downvoted

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Guessing the DV was for taking the Lord's name in vain.

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Eh, can’t make everyone happy. God bless whomever casts the downvote 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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This is where the coaches really earn their paycheck. Will they be able to bring this group together and playing at a level where they can hold up against Purdue, Michigan State and Michigan?  I certainly hope so. Go Bucks!!!


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The d line took a hit, for sure. But the d line will not be a weakness.  It will be a strength. 

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All is not lost... I think we bounce back and win the whole thing. The season is still young. We will see! Big loss though...

"faith seeking understanding” (fides quaerens intellectum)

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I wonder if the Bye week will see any tinkering or changes... one thing I would think that Johnson and the other coaches would consider is adding D Jones into the DE rotation, increasing his overall snaps. With Landers, Hamilton and company holding down the interior, Jones could play more on the edge where he started as a recruit.

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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As it sets into the October sky, nevermore to return...

Next man up. The team has been without Bosa since week 3 so it's just more of the same.

The only difference is now we know for certain he won't be back for The Game, The CFP or for any other games for that matter.

It was one hell of a ride and we wish him nothing but the best going forward.

"Defiance in Silence" 



It's the predators unit now, Johnson needs to drive that message home and tell him he not only has to compete at a high level like he has been, but he needs to work with Dremont to lead the rest of the crew.

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Who wants to seize the opportunity to step forward and lead? Dre'mont and Chase must be those men. Who wants to step up and perform with the wide open door of opportunity? Let's roll!

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Good Luck Nick! Wish you were coming back, but I can't see turning down that kind of cash


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i hope the players don't get into this dreary 'doom and gloom' mindset that so many of the posters here are dragging around like ball and chains. jeez, 7-0? ...get depressed if we lose the next 5 games, but until then, let's plant our flag straight into the hearts of every team standing in our way. go bucks!


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We're 7-0! Games are exciting!
Level set your expectations.. these are Full-time student athletes, not professionals.
Let's enjoy their efforts and victories!

"If they can't score, they can't win." V. Lombardi


I imagine they’re not!!

Each guy on the Team has to believe in their own talent to see the field and contribute.  Their talent may not be considered on a Bosa level, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t play AND contribute.  They’ve played what 4 games without him!

For those guys who haven’t been playing, moreso than worrying about Bosa, I imagine they’re excited and rejuvenated at the opportunity for more playing time.

Wish Nick the best going forward, but personally I’m going to cheer for the guys still here and not fall into a trap of hypothesizing and talking about what if.

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Once a Buckeye, Always a Buckeye

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I must've watched this movie a hundred times as a kid.  Wish I could give 1000 UVs!

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I read that in Norman Dale's voice.

I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low...

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Would be cool to see Saturday Night Live do a remake with Jimbaugh as coach...mumbles something about milk is good..and then just a blank stare at the ref

If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

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We have had a ton of injuries, ton of off the field distractions, and are 7-0. 1 player does not a team make. Enjoy the ride, folks, you never know when it could end...

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This feels similar to when Noah Spence and Joey Bosa were going to be the best DE tandem in college football, but then Spence was declared ineligible to return to the team.  Obviously, the circumstances are much different, but it feels similar in that the Buckeyes suddenly went from two proven, elite DEs to one proven, elite DE with talented but unproven guys needing to step up.  It's unfortunate, but the program will survive.

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."  - Albert Einstein

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Bosa/Noah Spence.   Bosa/chase young  didn’t see much of either combo. That’s a shame

Banks of olentangy

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I feel good about Chase and Dremont and others behind them! I really like Tyler Friday, he isnt super heavy but the dude is fast. Also Cooper and Tyreke Smith are also some big boys and they're fast. As with most other aspects of the defense. If they play smart and apply the coaching they're getting they have the talent to make big plays and play lights out. 

Connor Brown

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Others will step up, of that I have no doubt. Hopefully this motivates others who will now see more paying time with Bosa out for good; it’s their time to shine. I’m less concerned about our D line than our LB play. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed Bosa is not returning, but you can’t blame the kid for his decision.  That said, I’m concerned about the precedent this sets for players and how they deal with injuries and rehab in the future. 

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This is a big blow to the defense, no question about it. There are players on this team who will fill in, and have an impact for sure - but you don't replace a guy like Nick Bosa. Time for some guys to grow up, quick.

I really hope the team rallies around this "adversity". I hope everyone writes them off on social media and in the news. Whatever it takes for everyone to step their games up - because it's gonna take the entire unit to step up.

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This too shall pass - like those slants down the middle with our linebackers running after the opposing WR’s : )

Too soon?

In all seriousness, even if Bosa came back, this team still had issues defensively. Let’s enjoy it while we can cause in another 8 or so weeks football season will be over. 


"In all seriousness, even if Bosa came back, this team still had issues defensively. Let’s enjoy it while we can cause in another 8 or so weeks football season will be over."

You shut your mouth and don't mention that again.

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Huge opportunity for Smith and Friday to step up here.  Go get it boys!

I didn't see much out of Cornell when he played quite a bit against Minny.  I wonder if we'll start seeing Jones line up at DE here and there.  

Fields of Dreams


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You know what? I've changed my mind. I want college players to get paid. But I want them to get paid REALLY well, like NFL-well. That way they stay for 4 years and have no incentive to bolt for the league. College football is much more fun than the NFL. If paying them keeps them here, I'm all for it.

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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They will stay for a few thousands vs hundreds of thousands? Not enough money available to keep ANY person who will be drafted. Let’s get real here. 

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This is what makes college football so great - which young player is going to step up and make a play. The only regret I have about this situation is not seeing Nick play again for the Buckeyes, because he was a lot of fun to watch. I totally understand his decision. It is not traitor move - he set an example for these other incredibly talented young men, and set the bar high. Let's see who gets the prize.

But the reality is, even with Nick, even the Buckeye LBs and FS don't step up and play much better in the next five games, the Buckeyes would probably not finish undefeated. With the LBs, I don't know if it is bad scheme or the wrong players for it, but Coaches Davis and Grinch have a lot of experience, Schiano is the DC, and they need to figure out how to get Werner/Borland/Hilliard/Browning and Pryor/Wint/Wade et al in the right position to make plays. 



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The D line has been playing without Nick for several games and expected him back in a month at the earliest. Might have been nice for scUM and the CFP, but that's all we would of had, beat case. Will miss the Bosa Effect, but time to move on and develop more great D line talent, coach Johnson!


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I'm just sad we don't have a Bosa on the team any longer. Such a mainstay

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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I see it actually pulling these guys together. Let's hope.

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I get it I guess. Going back on the field is a risk that probably isn't worth taking. But isn't that whole withdrawing from school and separating from the team completely a solid kick in the nuts to this whole "Brotherhood" headline?

Scarlett & Gray > Blue and Gold

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I know we have some young guys at DE already but at this point does anyone think that Baron Browning might be a better DE than linebacker?  I don't want to be too harsh but he hasn't looked great at linebacker and being Coached by LJ trumps being coached by Bill Davis by a long shot. Just a thought.

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Sorry. But I will not change my view any time soon. So basically Nick is better than his teammates therefor he can quit and they have to play better so he can secure his paycheck. What happened to sports? I heard people asking if he would still get gold pants and any other hardware if the team wins this year. Hell no. He chose himself over team. F his participation trophy. 

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The team (and fans) resetting their expectations can be a very good thing!  The hype around this d-line was crazy going into the season.  Clearly, the plan was to let "college football's best front" get up field and create havoc and even if the back end gives up some big chunks, Bosa and company will save the day with big plays of their own.

Reality has shattered that.  Bosa's gone forever, and Jones, Landers, Cooper and company are banged up as they adjust to life without him. So, expectations for this defense have to be altered. Even better, the scheme has to be altered.  Because sometimes when adversity forces you to change, you come out better.  Here is why I think they can ultimately come out ahead:

1.) What if our coaching staff decides to go full-on, no-holds-barred aggressive on offense?  Time to go full-on Big 12 with it.  Let's play with Chip Kelly tempo, throw it around even more on first down, try to get even more possessions per game and wear people out with our depth.  If you could dream up a scenario to try to win it all with a full-on Air Raid approach it would look like this: 6-7 interchangable stud WRs rotating in and out, a supremely accurate QB who makes lightening fast decisions and can make every throw, an offensive line full of huge heavy anchors that pass protect at an elite level and 2 RBs who can run, block, pass-protect and acth it out of the backfield. Check, check, check and check.  Go fast!  Up-tempo all game.

2.) To play that way, we would have to get back into full-on rotation mode on defense.  Time to let the young Bucks eat.  It might hurt at first, but lets get Togiai, Friday, T.Smith into the rotation more.  These guys could play and every one of them would be starting for Purdue's d-line Saturday if they played for them.  I would actually like to see a little bit more rotation of LBs to keep them fresh as well.  It isn't like we are taking any All Americans off the field.  So lets rotate and get these guys up to speed.

3.) Without having the "Easy Button" of telling Bosa to get pressure off the edge, Coach Schiano is going to be forced to mix up the defense and show different looks in the back end.  We finally saw some of that last week.  Time for him and Ash to get creative.

And for fans, its time to have fun again.  Going into the season, we were were going to be Bama.  Then we struggled on defense, Bosa gets hurt and we get more and more pissed that we don't look like the dominant team we thought we should be.   Well, the pressure is off now and we can enjoy the games.  Just win, baby.  From here on out, it doesn't need to look pretty, this isn't the Dream Team we thought we would have, but we still have a Heisman contending QB and a head coach who has a knack for winning when he isn't supposed to.

You've got barbecue back there?

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Young always seems like he is one play from losing his cool. He probably scares the crap out of some lineman, and I bet others scoff, and egg him on trying to draw a penalty. Let's all hope he plays under control, and Schiano comes up with some good schemes so that OSU can take advantage of his talents. Go Bucks!

"When you're part of a team, you stand up for your teammates. Your loyalty is to them. You protect them through good and bad, because they'd do the same for you." Yogi Berra

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LJ voice “who wants it?”

"Vitalum Vitalis "

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Honestly, I have seen it countless times.  When it is clear a player can not return to play, it makes it more real for younger people.  They tend to focus, take ownership, and establish responsibility.  Before they probably felt like they were just biding time.  I know that is irrational but these are 18-23 year old young men.  With this news of adversity this week, I want from "oh crap, how can we limp to the bye week" to now "oh man we may come out with our hair on fire Sat. night."

You may have heard, UFM has a degree in Psychology :). I actually think this is a bit of adversity they can use. 


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I love that we send defenders to the NFL. Go Buckeye defense!

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We really need to double cover #4 make someone else beat us if we don't we are dumber than I think we are. What you all think? Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!


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This happened at the qb position,once. Only ones the sky fell on were WIS, Bama, & Ore.

Best of luck to you, Nick and thanks for your service!

Put your big boy boxers on fans, no whining!

Buckeye players GOT THIS! Next man up!

Show your SPIRIT!  GO BUCKS! 


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Hoping that this is a blessing in disguise (plain as fcking Ichigan sucks @ss site) that the unit will step up and ball!  No more hiding behind Bosa, if there were ever such contemplation.  Too much talent and too much nfl dollars to not rise to the occasion.  When the buckeyes play, the world watches.  Let’s go, young guns.  We watchin’!


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Posted above about browning, but what about booker at DE? Coverage isn't his strong suit so put him at stand up DE to give a guy a breather.

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so many possibilities are probably now poised to become realities

“Save yourself and relax during every game. I recommend a fine bourbon.”

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Come on folks. The only silver lining here is player development! We are without the best defensive player in the country and best or second best player on the team. No way spinning this. Not at all. 

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Dremont should try the defensive end position he played in high school