Eleven Dubcast: Purdue, the Most Low-Key Rivalry of Them All, Spices Up the Midseason

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With the game  starting at 730, the kickoff temp will be around 35. How will we react to that? How will the team react to Nick retiring from the team for loot? We haven't played with fire in weeks, so this is very very ominous. I would like to change this mornings answer from confidant but concerned to one more level down the concern scale now.  Probably more due to the temp than the Nick thing, but we have no fire until late in the game.  Will that doom us or can we get up for this one?

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tbh i think beau makes a good point about the night game maybe helping ohio state stay focused. hard to sleepwalk through a crazy environment, and purdue fans should be lit

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Hmm. Ross Fulton tells me we didn't run any read option, Beau.

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Disagree we need to  and can run. Texas Tech didn’t win much.  Even Urban said the short passes are Runs. Without short yardage ability to run you won’t win a championship. It’s not simple but we have the skill.  The offensive staff gets paid 8 million a year. They will make adjustments and we will run good.