Observations, Notes, and Videos from Ohio State's Open-To-Students Basketball Practice

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Love Holtmann getting students involved, but what's the reason for the small turnout? Was it publicized poorly or can we chalk this up to it being the middle of football season?

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The Nuthouse is the worst part of Block O imo. I'd chalk it up to it being poorly advertised (they only tweeted about it twice https://twitter.com/BuckeyeNutHouse) and kids having class/work/homework to do during the week. I love what Holtmann is doing to try and get more students involved though 


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I like this concept, it'd be nice to keep this going. How many more practices will be open to students? 

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Curious, how many students were there?

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I think Kyle Young is going to be a player for us. I look for him to take a big step this yr and have a nice season.

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Love this time of the year. It's great seeing the Buckeyes back on the hardwood.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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Duane Washington and Luther Muhammad were lethal defensively, with each forcing turnovers.

Sounds terrific . . .until I remember that OSU had 30+ turnovers in the last game in Spain. 

I want to believe, but pesky facts keep producing a bit of skepticism. Are the Buckeye players still as prone to turnovers?

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I figure this team will take its' lumps early as the non-conference schedule is pretty tough.....but.....come February or March they could become a real spoiler.

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Kind of an embarrassingly small event. Awesome that they're doing that, but just seems like a general lack of life around the basketball program, as far as students are concerned. The arena is probably a huge part of it. It's a shame.

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Truth hurts. Hit me again.

It's not Holtmann's fault. He's a huge home run.

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It was a little rough that only 14 students showed up, but I think we will have more students attend games during the season.  

I liked hearing improvement from Kyle Young and Lu and Duane being strong defensively.  That will be important for us this year.

Cannot wait for the season to start...10 days until UNC Pembroke scrimmage.