Full Court Press: Dominiq Penn Has Ohio State “Up There At The Top,” Toneari Lane Impressed By Visit And Pair Of Offers To Five-Star Prospects

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I like Toneari Lanes attitude.  Anyone who apparently wants to be a Buckeye that bad, I hope he balls out and earns that offer.

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Agreed, watching his highlights I saw some J Tate like game. Works hard and not afraid to go inside to score. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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I would like to see more athleticism out of him.  Highlight tape was ok.

Ohio, the greatest state in the Union!

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Dom Penn has good handles and lateral quickness. He hit a couple of deep shots in the video and that will be essential as opponents sag off to protect the lane. And he clearly inherited his dad’s spirit on the court. I still remember how surprised everyone was when Scoonie declared prior to the season that OSU would make the 1999 tournament. For those too young to remember, the previous season was a disaster and gave no indication of an imminent FF run.

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It looked like he had about 80 points against Upper Arlington. 

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 And he clearly inherited his dad’s spirit on the court.

Dom's father had an attribute associated with a former OSU football coach. Wayne Woodrow Hayes was called indomitable, even in defeat. Scoonie Penn had an indomitable will to win.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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A little more background info - Scoonie transferred to OSU from Boston College to follow Jim O'Brien, who came here in '98 to become the head coach. I always loved that Scoonie was so fond of his coach that he followed him to his next job.

And spot on, the '98 team wasn't very good, although they did have a sharpshooting freshman that led the B1G in scoring by the name of Michael Redd. He and Scoonie became a backcourt duo that was unstoppable.

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The 6-foot point guard

Scoonie must have married a taller woman...

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He may not be done growing, but he's not 6ft. I've seen him a dozen times, and 6ft is a stretch. Maybe with kleenex in his sneakers.

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Great in depth article. The basketball program is definitely on the rise.

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I wonder what it’s like to be recruited by your dad.

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Dom has gotten better with each year, and definitely has the right genetics to make it. He's got a decent amount of bounce for his size, and that will bode well for his prospects. He's not really being recruited by any power 5 schools, so I hope he stays on his grind and continues to improve. Local kids, with a chip on their shoulder can really help the program out. Rooting for him.

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In the article he says he will be a traditional point guard for whomever he chooses to play for in college so although it's a highlight video I would like to have seen come passes and court vision in it.

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Looking forward to seeing who we start to pull interest from in the 2020 and 2021 classes.  Holtmann seems to be building the program he wants and it is paying off so far.

Lets go Bucks!