Dwayne Haskins Ties J.T. Barrett and Kenny Guiton for Most Passing Touchdowns by Ohio State Quarterback in a Single Game

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Haskins is very good. Keep it rolling!

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I hate the offseason.

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Why is he still in with 2:00 left??

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The only thing that will stop him from having 500 yards in a game is circumstances beyond his control. I thought this game (at half time) he could do it.


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Trying to run Haskins was ridiculous as was risking injury. Why wasn't Martell getting some Reps on the last drive ? Bizarre coaching. Defense looked bad. Linebackers need a lot of work as a major weakness (maybe our only weakness). Thank goodness it was indiana.

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D-line was unusually quiet.  Did we have one sack?  Cooper isn't getting the job done.


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Indiana did a superb job getting the ball out quickly, which for the most part negates an aggressive Dline. Even then, there were multiple sacks and even more hurries. Indiana's success through the air had more more to do with the back seven's underperformance than it did the Dline.


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Our secondary looked absolutely terrible

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He is so damn good!   I hope playing here is such a dream to him that he comes back next season.  

Let me have this.....

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He needs a lot of work handling pressure before he’s ready for the NFL.  I’m absolutely sure he will get there, I’m just not sure it will be by the end of this season.

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Not that many yards short of the all time record, too.  Probably should've added a pass or two to get him there.

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If only they didn’t keep trying to run him JT Barrett style.  Those two or three stupid plays might have gotten him the record.

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Over 1900 yards passing and 25 TDs at the half way point of the regular season... crickey.  Throw in the possible 3 extra games, he’s going to put up some crazy numbers.  Campbell really showing out now too. 35 catches for almost 500 yards and 7 TDs.. he’s on pace to be our first 1000 yard receiver since Jenkins wayyy back when. 

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Choo Choo!!

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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What a beautiful TD catch by Victor. That was big time.


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Highly grateful for a quality QB who along with his offense can put points on the board.  We need it with the giving up big plays defense and excessive penalty issues we have not yet addressed.

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Woulda been cool to let him go for the record at the end. Of course I understand the knee is the classy move though...

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I LOVE our guys, I LOVE our team, but I think we are the worst top 3 team I have ever seen. 
I'm sure I'll get a zillion downvotes for this, but, even as good as we are... I don't see is winning the Natty with this team if the current issues continue. 

Bama gets off the bus and obliterates everyone - good or bad - consistently every week. 
We seem to start slow on a consistent basis. 
Our O line is consistently inconsistent - great some games, not so great in others. 
Our secondary is... well sometimes it feels like they don't show up. 
And penalties.... wow.  We have trouble getting out of our own way. 

That said, Damon Arnette was spectacular today.  And Okudah was pretty dang good. 
Very easy to be an armchair fan. I'm not a coach and not a player, so what do I know? 

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Bama still has not played anyone near the caliber of teams that we’ve already beaten.  And they probably wont until the playoffs.

I agree we have issues, mainly on defense so far, but this team will find a way to win.

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This article would be a cool place to drop in all 6 of his TD throws....

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We must run the ball, and we must dedicate ourselves to doing so even when it is difficult! This troubles me greatly! 

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Bama let crappy Arkansas put up 31 points. We will see about the Tide. I am not 100 percent sold on them yet.