What E.J. Liddell's Commitment Means for Ohio State Basketball

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Great work by the staff.  The program is in good hands for years to come. 

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Great work by the staff.  The program is in good hands for years to come. 

Yep, Holtmann & assistants have done very well in a short span of time. Hopefully, these recruits are all men of character who will work hard both on and off the court, and develop into an efficient team and good men.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Say what you want about Gene Smith, but the man knows how to select head coaches. 

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having a big checkbook helps

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having a big checkbook helps

You are correct, Buck61, however you still have to choose who you use that big checkbook on!

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He had three years to get a short list together, it's not rocket surgery. An 8 year contract would woo most coaches off of the fence. 

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Welcome to the Bucks, my friend! This will end up being a fantastic decision for you and your career :)

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I am starting to like this Holtmann guy.

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The BB news gets better and better. Looking forward to loving OSU  BB again!

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BOOOOOOOOOOOM! Great pick up for Holtmann and the BasketBucks!

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I'm excited for this upcoming season of course, but looking ahead to next year when we will be returning a lot of key players and adding this recruiting class. That's a potential final 4 team. 

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This is absolutely awesome. Holtmann has definitely been a home-run hire and the Buckeyes now seemed poised for bigger and better times once again on the basketball court.

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Very impressed...took B-Line about 5 years to really get rolling. Way ahead of schedule...if you don't count the year or so Gene delayed making the proper decision. 

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Have to love our new head coach and his staff.  Highly skilled at what they do along with high character guys.  Can't help but believe more good things will be taking place in Buckeye BB. 

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Damn, I think we may be a 2 Seed now lol

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Great job by Holtman & Co. Looking forward to see this young man play for the good guys.

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This season MAY have a slight drop based on departing players and younger players needing some seasoning but after that it looks like the bucks will be VERY competitive and could make some real noise for many years to come!

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Congrats to E.J., and coach Holtmann!


16-2 is SWEET!

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BOOM!  Liddell's is yet another great addition to the hoops program.  The staff just continues to build momentum and the future is bright.  Go Bucks!

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This team is going to be just loaded in 2019-2020. Top ten, quite possibly.

I still think they will be in contention for the conference title in the coming year if everyone stays healthy. My guess is that they will not be able to repeat the incredible run that we saw in January and February of this year, but they may do better in November/December and will almost certainly finish stronger in March. If they can avoid injuries.

Coach Holtmann is amazing.

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It's been a great few days for the Buckeyes 

Welcome to the best university on the planet.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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BOOM. Let"s keep building the family.

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I'm getting ahead of myself but in a couple years we could have a senior Kaleb Wesson at center, junior shooting guard Luther Muhammad at the 2, and sophomores Carton, Gaffney, and Liddell at the 1,3,4. That would be a very talented starting 5.

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The more I watch of him, the more I think he's actually under-rated. Great addition!

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Just keeps getting better.

Now just turn that on paper class into a final 4 class in the next 2 -4 years.