Trevor Lawrence Left Game With Injury a the Same Week He Was Named the Starter

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Didn’t go back to last starter ... hmmmm

That guy must really want to sav3 his eligibility and transfer, now.

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Bryant wasn't even at the game. Travel rosters are smaller than home rosters and he already announced his intent to sit out the year and transfer, so they didn't bring him.

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I know Bryant already left the team but Clemson played at home today


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Yeah I just had the epiphany in the middle of the game that I was wrong and came to see i have already been caught in my wrongness. Thank you, sir.

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Timing, as they say, Dabo. 

All the same, hope it's not an extended absence for Lawrence...pretty clear Clemson is going to need him.

Got M...igan gossip? Bang it here.

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Lawerence is not that good....yet


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That was a brutal hit! If you haven't watched, don't. You'll thank me later.

Hope he's not injured as bad as the replay looks like it could be. Prayers up.

"Defiance in Silence" 


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The Oklahoma hit on Baylor’s QB was worse I bet

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Even with Lawrence at QB, Ohio State wipes the floor with Clemson.