Full Court Press: Ohio State Offers Pair of Power Forwards, Chris Holtmann's Staff Hits the Road, Buckeyes Make Lists for E.J. Liddell and Zeb Jackson

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Lots of good stuff here Colin, thanks. Many top prospects on the radar. Let’s get Liddell!!

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Holtmann doing some work. He reminds me of Tressel. Comes in to a program that has seen better days, talks about locking down the borders, and doing things the right way. Hopefully he continues to put the program back on track, while not having the same ending as our Ole sweater vest.

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So good to see us even in the mix for so many 5* and top 50 guys. Refreshing change of pace from the last few years.

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Chris Holtmann is doing two things simultaneously: going after Ohio recruits while also pursuing top regional/national recruits. That requires excellent planning and selling. His staff seems up to the task so far.

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Zeb Jackson was recently CB'd to Michigan by Brian Snow.. 

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Brian Snow also had DJ Carton tabbed to Michigan until right before he committed to us. Things can change. Too early 

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Hey Colin, what do you think the odds are at this point that Holtmann lands Liddell? I know we’ve been favorites in terms of CB for a while now, but it sounds like there could be traction from Illinois and Missouri lately.

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The kid from Minnesota looks pretty solid - - has grips, can slash from the baseline or hit 3s from around the dial. Defends well and is quick off the floor to make up for average athletic hops. The '21 guy either has no game outside of 5 ft from the basket or he needs a new highlight editor. Lastly, the Liddell kid in '19 looks killer, a monster defender/rebounder with a lot of offensive skills inside 12 feet.  And the competition is between us, the Illini and Mizzou, which doesn't seem like a very fair fight.

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