Snap Counts: 56 Buckeyes Play in Ohio State's First Close Game of the Season Against TCU

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Berry commanding snaps at TE was a slight surprise (would've had a TD on that first drive had the pass not been tipped).

Tulane will allow for some new rhythm at DE rotation with Bosa out.

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I disagree. It’s handy if on a long article you just want to get to the bottom for some reason and I don’t mean the bottom of the written article obviously.  One click won’t hurt like a hundred scrolls will. 

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Not sure why you'd click on an article you don't intend to read just to reach the bottom of the article. Maybe to comment without actually bothering to read what you're commenting on?

Oh well, to each his own.

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Friendly reminder that 3/5 of the Slobs are making their 3rd starts at LT LG C and they played very well.

Just imagine how much better the Slobs are going to be as the season progresses. 

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Aside from all the low snaps, and 3 sacks. I don't think they played terrible. There is definitely room for improvement, we have to be able to control the line of scrimmage in the run game. I didn't feel like we did that until late in the game. PSU, MSU and UM will key in on that. The best number right now is 3-0.

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Only 1 sack on Dwayne on Saturday. On that play, he ran out of a worse problem and only lost a yd on it. The OSU D had 3 sacks. The O Line only gave up the 1. 

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It's easy for me to comment from my recliner.  Think how much TCU would have had to handle on defense if after the three quick scores in the 3rd quarter Tate Martell comes out with his offensive game.  

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Could Weber be getting more snaps at RB because he's better in pass pro?

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I think that is an accurate assessment WildBear.

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I thought that as well but if you go back and look at the drives that each one was on; there were more big plays in JKs series than there were in Webers so naturally there are less 'snaps' when you hit a couple of big plays to go down the field. Mike had more snaps just due to the drives he was in on. They just have been alternating series, just some series had more plays than others

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Hoping as snap counts increases Jordan gets his snaps higher.

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So Wint managed to give up one of the most embarrasing touchdowns in just 16 snaps?  wow.

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Maybe they saw something. lmao 

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Hopefully Shaun Wade sees some time at Safety opposite Fuller against Tulane.

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and Okudah to nickel.

Thebutcher IV

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So based off the chart... Here's out freshman "Red-shirt" eligible tracker:

3 Games:
T. Smith

2 Games:

1 Game:
T. Johnson

0 games:
L. Smith
M. Jones
A. Williams

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It almost seems like, excluding injury...

3= Not red-shirting
2=Probably NOT red-shirting
1=Probably red shirting
0=Red Shirting

It doesn't seem to me that the staff is really changing their approach at all with the new rule. At least not yet

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I believe JJB and Alex Williams have both played at least 1 game. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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Thanks for the summary. I was curious about that but not as diligent. 

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Ruckert played on kick returns in the second half. If you have WatchESPN, you can access the spidercam. 

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Pryor had significantly more snaps than Wint. Tough games like this reveal who they think is actually the starter. 

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Thanks, Dan. Much appreciated. I like this kind of information. "Just the facts, ma'am.

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I must have imagined it, but I could've sworn Tyler Friday was on the field for just a few snaps... My eyes must've been playing tricks on me.

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Wint was in 16 plays. 1 was a 51 yd hail Mary prayer for a Td. You cant tell me the opponent does not take note when he is on the field.

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I'm a tad concerned that Jordan snapped the ball to Haskins low quite a few times. Haskins had to  go low several times to get the ball and then adjust.

Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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Expecting that number of players to bounce back up this week. I'm disappointed that Booker and Hilliard, despite our LB struggles and Borland clearly struggling to get back to complete health, have not been able to get some snaps. Probably say the same for Keandre Jones, too. I wonder what it is that these guys aren't able to show in practice?

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Agree on this. The LBs are a a significant concern at this point. Werner ran around looking seemingly lost some times on Saturday night. The middle of that D has GOT to figure it out—soon — or they will pay for it badly at some point. Great athletes but not getting it done yet. Harrison seems like the best of the bunch  thus far but it’s the weak spot right now IMO. 

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I know that we try and rotate to keep guys fresh, but with how disruptive Landers is he needs to play more than half the snaps

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I didn’t know McCall didn’t play any snaps. Shows what I know

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Just one suggestion to make this even better, in my opinion.  With your game-by-game charts at the end of the weekly article, could you add the Year (i.e. Sr, RS-FR, Jr.) to it?  I think they would be interesting to see exactly who young (or experienced) guys are.  It's easy to track the stars like Bosa & Haskins, but I'd be lying if I could rattle off (for example)  Rashod Berry or Davon Hamilton's class without cheating.

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KJ Hill's snap count should be higher. The dude just makes plays and has the best post-catch awareness of all the receivers. More KJ please.

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Why is Tyreke Smith listed with the DTs?


^ best post ever ^

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Because that's the only place he saw the field at during the game. He's been rushing from the 3T in the rushmen package at times. 

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The JK Train made the most of his attempts last Saturday - he's only getting started. 

See you in Indy !!

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Where oh where is Antwuan Jackson?  I thought (was hoping) he was the next great DT.  


15-1 is SWEET!

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Yep. By stop #3, I expected a little more urgency. 

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In light of the spotty LB play disappointing others weren't in the rotation.  Might want to see Wade at Safety too.

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Strange that Booker has fallen so far that he can't crack the lineup at LB.


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Tyreke Smith has more snaps this season than Jashon Cornell? Interesting.

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Amir Riep can’t even crack the special teams lineup? Wow

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No, I don't think Berry emerged as the Buckeyes preferred option at TE. Farrell had his ankle rolled up on, was taped and then in a brace after halftime, so missed a bunch of plays. Still played late in the game. Watching the first three games, Farrell is clearly the best blocking TE we have. Not enough TE targets to rank receiving but I bet he is every bit as good as the others in that department.