Alabama Makes a Change at Kicker After Three Missed Extra Points in Two Games

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I misread that title as "knickers" and thought "That hands on approach to details is why Saban wins championships."

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Saban needs to channel his inner Kerry Coombs.

Tom Brady lost to John Cooper. Never forget.

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Saban still coaches like his job status depends on the outcome of each game. Past achievements mean little to him; there's only the next challenge. Week after week, game after game, month after month, year after year. That's what separates him from everyone else. 


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Just don't ask him about it.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Brilliant move by Saban ...create a kicker controversy to drawn attention away from the QB controversy!

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

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-Jim Tressel


-The Fox

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Missed 3 extra points....but here's the kicker ....they were not close games.

When asked why he decided to go for 2 with the game in hand. Saban replied "Because we couldn't go for one".....

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I admire Saban for this. No one on the team has some absolute right to play when they can't perform on the field.  His original kicker is great in camp, but loses it on the field under game pressure. Why keep letting him fail, which also lets the team down, when moving someone else who doesn't crumble under pressure can take his place? He may end up back on the field once he learns how he needs to deal with pressure. 

Not everyone becomes better simply by being repeatedly put in situations where they are overfaced. Some people end up with all confidence destroyed. 

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but this isn't a change you want to have to make midway through the season.

Good thing for Alabama they aren't halfway through the season! /s

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I can’t imagine a coach that would hate kickers more than Nick Saban. 

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"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

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Lol, that’s just the man being funny and getting some hype. Saban really hates them. He’s pure evil. 

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That's why Saban is the best college coach in history. The guy replaced his winning starting qb after halftime, because he wasn't playing well. As a coach, your job is to put your team in the best possible position to succeed, not to be loyal to players. He even told his offensive coordinator to go focus on your new head coaching duties, right before the national championship game against Clemson. Once again, his job is to put his team in the best possible position to win. I wish Meyer would do the same thing. 

Ivan Madaris

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It's tough being 'little Nicky'...


16-2 is SWEET!