Campus Connection: Association for the Business of Sports Hosts Speakers to Talk About Opportunities in Sports Industry

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And here I thought it was just a great invention to help me keep from skidding off icy roads.

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Good stuff! 

"Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Woody Hayes

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Oh those Abs...oiled up my six pack for nothin...

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Sounds like ABS is a great complement to the Sports Management program at Ohio State, one of the best in the country at the graduate level.

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Clarett talked about his personal development and the role of business in sports while Linda Logan spoke about her journey in the sports industry and the importance of the Greater Columbus Sports Commision.

Redemption stories always bring a tear to my eye.  What could of, should of been...

I like the slight veer off course of Buckeye sports these articles provide.  Keep up the good work.  Don't think it doesn't help to provide insight into tOSU to recruits or at least their parents.

You win with people.