Ohio State's Texas-Grown Talent Excited To Return To The Lone Star State This Weekend For Top-15 Matchup With TCU

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Gotta be a monster deal for all the Texas buckeyes involved to go home and play in front of that crowd on such a huge stage 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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I thought Sheffield played his high school ball in Texas too. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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I think he played a year at Juco Blinn College which is in Texas.  

Champions.  Undisputed.  

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That he did. I’m pretty positive he played somewhere near Houston in high school though. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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You are correct. Missouri City, which is SW Houston

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I’m more of an In-N-Out guy.   Love it.  ROFL.  

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Bojangles or bust

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Hope all the Texas kids gain bragging rights in a B1G way!  Always fun to win back home.

Always more fun to win under all circumstances.

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Browning’s hometown is just 14 miles from Jerry World and 11 miles from TCU’s campus.

<head scratching emoji>

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Geometry my friend. Think 3 sides of a triangle. Or maybe not ;-)


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I hope all of their relatives and friends are going to be rooting for the Buckeyes!!!

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Texas Bucks playing in Texas should be a lot of incentive to do great in front of family and friends that attend.  Should be special for them


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Home sweet home for you dudes =D Let's beat them. They have started their smack talking on the boards.. lol

Jbook said Their boards are pretty cocky right now. LOL

Should be a great game. According to them we are about to see speed unlike any known to mankind.. lol

Go Buckeyes! #TeamUrban..

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SEC Speed? I mean according to all the experts ya know. There is speed then there is SEC speed. I mean, ya know. Next thing ya know the tackles will be talking about never giving up a sack to a Bosa. Ya know?

Hey Cancer! This ass kicking is brought to you by the Guernsey county mafia. Give it Hell 84!

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You mean tattletale, strip club guy Tom Herman?

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Texas is a very big state.  Do they all have their homes in the DFW area?

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I live 10 minutes from the stadium - already run into a handful of Buckeye fans traveling to be at the game. 

The Frogs are in for a road game!  :)

Scott in Tx

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There is going to be all the elements of a big game and a stage most of college football do not get to experience! The fact that our program has been able to play in the stadium within the time frame of these players cannot be over estimated in its importance! To recruits everywhere, we are able to help you live out dreams of playing in places and in front of audiences few ever will, while allowing you to gain an education as well as connections in the Midwest that will serve them around the world throughout their lifetime-That is recruiting on steroids! 

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Get that Dub, National exposure and I'm sure hit a few recruits there too.  BringTom some candy Buckeyes to suck on.

You win with people.

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Kendall Sheffield went to Fort Bend Thurgood Marshall High School in Missouri City, Texas, SW of Houston.