TCU Week Mic Check: So Fresh and So Clean

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Our penalty situation is not ELITE!


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Actually I believe Urban won a national title in the same year as he ranked top in penalties while at florida. I think I have read that the two correlate more often than would be expected, likely because penalties might be more prevalent among aggressive teams.

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I tend to agree with you that the more aggressive teams tend to have more penalties, but then there are the inexcusable penalties such as "unsportsmanlike conduct" with Chase Young (for example) with one of them being questionable. In any case, penalties in critical situations can easily derail drives against a team as talented as TCU and more discipline must be instilled in the team. Thus far, I'm really impressed with the manner in which Ryan Day has led this team in Urban's absence, and I can see why teams like Mississippi State this past year (and probably better teams in the near future) would want him as their head coach. I hope that he stays with the Buckeyes at least a little longer.

By the way, I noticed that Jeff Brohm of Purdue (0-2 now with several untimely critical penalties) has come down hard on his team and is demanding more discipline regarding the team's tendencies towards excessive penalties at critical points in the game.

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Missed the Oregon State game, and Rutgers was decided beyond me really paying attention to the penalties.

Yeah, not good - and Ohio State has to get that stuff under control, stat.

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The thing of it is, the majority of the yellow hankies have been caused by mental mistakes (i.e. false start and defensive off-sides) of which that is unacceptable. As a coach myself, I know that I would much rather see a penalty from an athlete being too aggressive and attempting to make a play than someone forgetting the snap count.

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Its a very serious topic.  Penalties in the big games are exasperated.  Coach Day brings up a very good point.  It needs to be corrected.


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Players will likely be more focused this week.  They too are aware of the level of competition, more so than most fans I suspect.  

Win on each play.

Go Bucks!!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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"likely... more... aware... level... more so... most"

compare these generalities to the specificity of your focus goal:  "win on each play".

Right on!

You've identified the need.  The coaches and players [with modest suggestions from the average omniscient fan] need to find terms for themselves that match the single-minded focus you've identified.

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While I'm worried about the penalties, as those will undoubtedly cost us points (and could, at this level, cost us a game against a quality opponent), I'm still worried about Haskins facing an aggressive, non-normal, and quality defense that now has two weeks of tape on him.  The system they run isn't normal, which means preparing him for it will be more difficult.  

I still think we win, but if the Frogs are on, it could be a sharp test. 

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what's "normal"?   ;-{)}  Norm is a person's name, but 'normal' is a statistical term of some range subset, e.g. 'average' or 'mean'.

we're more like XYZ... 'deviations from the norm'...   ;-{)}

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Top ranked teams often have a high number of penalties.  I’m not sure why this is (aggressiveness, refs favoring the underdog, whatever it is) but it clearly doesn’t seem to be a major hinderance since they are top ranked teams after all.

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I think the op was referring to the non-normal 4-2-5 defense that TCU likes to run.  Here's to hoping Day, Wilson, and Haskins (executing on the field) have done their homework!

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That penalty situation is ugly. Good teams make you pay for mistakes like that, for sure have to clean it up.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.


I'm just hoping the flags don't show up at the end of a crucial game and cost us a game like what happened to Purdue last weekend.  Anyone see that?  Game was over, two mental lapses, they lose on a last second field goal.  

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Purdue gave the game away on stupid penalties by idiot players. And if I'm not mistaken, they did the same thing the week before. The way they played last week is something I expect out of Illinois, which is quite probably the stupidest team in the conference. Maybe this Brohm guy is not all that. 

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Glad they're focusing on penalties - they are rally killers. 

Here we come dabo !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Anyone know what conference the officiating crew will be from?

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An emphasis on improving the penalty situation is all well and good, but our Happy Valley brethren have shown us the way by blaming the refs (possibly in concert with lizard people and reverse vampires) for everything.

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Looking at TCU stats and a couple things jump out. 

1. They are very bad at 3rd down conversions against lesser opponents. 

2.  Robinson weak against smu in everything. But running. 

3. TCU gave up 4 sacks to smu.  

Osu might destroy TCU 

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I think they will.  And Jesse Palmer will still put them outside the top five

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I agree that the penalties are an issue. But we also have to keep in mind that a lot of the penalties aren't on the first team. I would be curious for a breakdown of how many penalties are on the backups.

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quick and dirty but should be pretty accurate:

Oregon State 6 for 50

False Starts – Pridgeon, Myers, Munford

Pass Interference – Okudah twice

Offsides – Landers

Rutgers 11 for 120

Off Holding – Pridgeon

Off Holding – Pridgeon

Unsportsmanlike – Young

Roughing passer - ???? OSU up 42-0

False Start – Alabi

Defensive Holding – M. Williamson

Defensive Holding – Riep

Unsportsmanlike – Young

Off Holding – Alabi

Illegal Block – Booker

Def Holding - Okudah

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Nice work Chris

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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Is Ryan Day our Lincoln Riley? 

I know Meyer probably still has a big hand in preparations before games, but I'm incredibly satisfied with Day's performance as interim, and if anything were to happen to Meyer, I think Day should/would be the first guy who gets interviewed for the job. 

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Problem solving. Are you correcting a known problem ? This is a failure. We win despite our self inflicted wounds. Someone should make us significantly better. National rank of 45 should be a target.

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That last game was a penalty every play. A couple  bad calls mixed in.

But, an up tempo team with more plays in high scoring games will automatically have more penalties.  If this were tressleball and you’d have fewer plays, huddles and fewer penalties. 

But, yeah, they need to clean it up.  

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Cmon Buckeyes 

show the nation your best. 

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Less laundry on the field.

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