ACC/Big Ten Challenge Contest Between Ohio State and Syracuse Will Be Aired On ESPN Network At 7 P.m.

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Right on. Go Buckeyes!

Onward and upward! Go Buckeyes!

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This should be a great game!!  Coincidentally, I had a classmate that went on to play for Syracuse and one that went on to play for the Buckeyes in the early to mid-90s.  

You don't know what you have until it's gone .... for example, toilet paper.

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So who do we play on Nov 28? Cleveland State or Syracuse

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Need to run and rebound so we don't have to deal with that wacky Zone D that JB uses....and when we can't   then pick that thing apart with great outside shooting and passing . JB is stubborn, he won't usually pull out of that zone so hitting your outside shots will be deadly to it. When you drive on that zone you usually will draw defenders so good passing/and or multiple passes to the open man should do the trick if the shots are falling. JB wants you to play at his pace...

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Love this non conf schedule. Get these young guys playing first year to grow up quick. BIG play is dod eat dog, gotta be ready. Excited to see basketball!

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Very nice early season match up....should provide a strong test for the young Bucks...

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