With Community College Origins, Malcolm Pridgeon Is Soaking In Every Moment As Ohio State's Starting Left Guard

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Fan of Pridgeon...the guy has battled to get here, and I think he finally shines in Columbus.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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In Pridgeon's first career start in Columbus, the Buckeyes ran wild, scoring 77 points and racking up 721 yards — second most in school history.

Have we really let that soak in yet? Second most yards in school history! I want to congratulate Malcom for being a huge part of that. The line looked amazing. Malcolm was out there shoving dudes around and giving Haskins time to throw. I’m so happy for this young man and wish him continued success this year and beyond. What a great story of hard work, perseverance, and patience. 

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Good for him. I have a soft spot for anyone who takes the long road like he has.

Im sure in the back of his mind he was wondering if he came all this way and would never end up starting. Great story and hope he has a huge year.

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Damn! 4 miles a day? I don’t care who this kid played for, gotta root for him!!

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Up hill both ways and in 4 feet of snow   :)

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seems like a kid with a great head on his shoulders.  definitely rooting for him.

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This makes me extremely happy. Been rooting for this guy since day 1. Hope he kills it this year

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Same here I was elated when he picked the good guys and was hoping to see him emerge year after year. It was such a pleasant surprise to learn that Jordan was moving to Center and Malcolm was moving to Left Guard! I never heard that suggested in all the offseason prognostication and after one game it seems like a genius move.

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That's a great story.  Overcoming adversity at a young age and turning into a positive outcome


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Great job big guy! The long journey and hard work paid off in the end. Gotta love that!

You Got Barbecue Back There!?!?!?!

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Glad he's a Buckeye! <3

Go Buckeyes! #TeamUrban..

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Inspirational  - glad Malcolm has found a home in Columbus. Give ‘em hell this season in the trenches!

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His story of adversity just makes him that much easier to root for.  I have to admit it hit me straight in the heart when I read he walked those miles because he didn't have a parent to drive him.  Pulling for you Big Slob!  You earned it!

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That's awesome for Malcolm! Congrats!
I have one request for the Eleven Warriors team.....Can you please change the website script so I don't have to look at DABO's damn face at the bottom of every article? I really can't stand that guy!! Thanks.

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Yes please!!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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I love the fact he was a culinary arts student. Let the big man cook!

Montana Silver Bullet

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Great story of perseverance. Life lessons abound here. Keep grinding, Malcom.

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I did not know that he’s been through so much in his past.  What a terrific story of perseverance.  And this line:

 I just had to bull up like a man because I knew I had a lot of responsibility

dang!  How can you not root for this kid.  

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Good kid. Always a fan of someone that overcomes adversity.

Go Bucks


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Love to hear stories like this. Best of luck to him this season. 

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What an awe-inspiring story. I'm really glad he's part of the Best 5. Keep overcoming Malcolm.

"We gotta go win this next game and make the State of Ohio proud!"-UFM

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This is just incredible! So happy for Malcolm. This just shows what hard work and character can do...not to mention that if the going gets tough in a game against a specific D line, he won't be one to quit!

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Great story. Good luck this year, Malcolm. Hope you have a heck of a season.

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Derrick - solid article.  It was refreshing to read how you addressed the journey and relationship with Jordan instead of the usual drooling over size.

For Pridgeon had the outer size, but it was the inner man that persevered in his journey.  And the support of his teammates... would mean little without his own discovery of and dedication to... 'what it takes' on that road less traveled.

Where, 'sadly', there is no level or fairness... just the shifting sands of adversity, distraction, feeling sorry for yourself, fatigue, feelings of entitlement... all the usual snares ...on the way to the attitude of 'student o the game'... and perseverance to the last, full, measure.

i hope to hear 'more' from Malcolm about how he honed his attitude and effort and teamwork for this, his last year as a Buckeye!

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Hard work pays off. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. 

Congrats, Mr. Pridgeon. Buckeye Nation is proud of you. 

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So, live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. "
- Stuart Scott

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Great story. And--we're calling him the Pridge, right?

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I recall hearing that  Pridgeon had a rough family upbrining, but then I thought that Sandra Bullock adopted him? 

Or do I have him confused with someone else?


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Love stories like this, makes one feel good.  However, when I heard Jordan was moving to center, it made me wonder what's up with Brady Tayloir and how he feels?  Same for local boy Josh Meyer? He still have some years left but the move to center was surprising.

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I expected that he would contribute sooner. Glad he is finally getting his opportunity. Be strong and work very hard. Great things are ahead.