Videos: Hear From Ohio State's Team Captains Following Tuesday's Practice

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Here for Apollo's.

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I am loving this after the hated off-season. Go Bucks.

JK Dobbins for Big Ten Offensive POY first, then a strong Heisman push second. Haskins, with his arm, could be in those talks as well. If the passing game is good, I see our WR squad as a more than solid compliment to Haskins. I want to see Martell early this week and can't wait for Saturday. I see a season ahead that is stronger than most see it. I think the early tests against TCU and Penn State will catapult our beloved Buckeyes into a real shot at the playoffs WITHOUT WORRYING IF WE WILL GET IN THIS TIME. This is our year.

Ohio against the world... Especially those that still see the SEC as so tough that 2 SEC teams get into the playoffs.

Don't blame Dayton, Ohio for Brady Hoke. That city produced Keith Byars and myself, too.

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Don'tcha just love these guys!? GO BUCKEYES!!

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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It is still a great time to be a Buckeye fan. Cherish this as I will. We have the best shot at a playoff title that I have seen with Meyer so far.

Our year. Time to prove to the haters that we belong because we are ALWAYS a top 4 team and ALWAYS the biggest threat to knock off Alabama if that time comes... and it will.

Don't blame Dayton, Ohio for Brady Hoke. That city produced Keith Byars and myself, too.

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I know I've heard it said by all the 11W writers that Tim May is the GOAT but dang I hate it when he bully's his way around in these interviews.  I just find him to be so annoying.  I know, I know, he's good at what he does.  JMO.

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Grown men reporters who can't follow the rules with regard to what questions they are / are not allowed to ask.



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Leading by example both on and off the field. Looking forward to a brand new season of Buckeye Football.

Focusing on Penn State !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

Seattle Sounders 2019 MLS Champions

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Maybe it's just me but some of these reporters are as annoying as hell. 

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WOW!  Another bunch of great kids.  Very talented, well spoken, and loved the smiles.  Reminds me a little of the "we got this" attitude.

Three days!!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Bosa is cool, laid back but don't piss him off kind of a guy.

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That picture of Nick Bosa looks alot like Sean Astin from the movie Rudy.  

Maybe we can get a cheer going at the stadium when Little Bear Makes a sack we should chant Rudy Rudy.

OK it's late and my cornball humor gets a bit off sometimes, but it does look like him a bit.

m GO BLOW!!!

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We are fortunate to have these young men in our program, and they are fortunate to be here with us now! 

I would rather be on hand with 10 men then elsewhere with 10,000 - Timur Lenk