The Hurry Up: Offensive Guard Justin Rogers Clarifies Commitment Comment While High School Football Begins in Earnest

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played on that one.   ;-{)}

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STA vs Dematha is going to be a good one, as will Marietta hosting Good Counsel

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Aquinas vs. DeMatha is on ESPN2 at 7 PM Sat. 8/25...

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Glad to hear the news about Rogers.   And even more glad to see a big focus back on football and recruiting.   I’m sure Urban will be having conversations with recruits and their parents at the earliest possible moment.  And I am confident those conversations will go very well.   

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It would be nice to secure a Boom.  Get back to reality


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Play safe you 18 future Buckeye commits. 

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At 6-3 and 311 LBS - Rogers is one I'd love to see commit. 

Here we come dabo !!

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Thank goodness we are back on football. I think things will be back on track now that we have coach Meyer coming in 3 weeks. Be watching the Buckeyes a week from tomorrow.


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I need an eye-rolling emoji for Mr Rogers. 

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Rogers seems like a diva. pass

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Not sure where Jaylen Anderson goes to school, but it isn't Massillon Perry...

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After further review, he goes to Perry High School in Perry, Ohio. 247Sports has that wrong in his profile. 

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PLEASE give me 10 minutes with that cocksucker Paul Finebaum.  

In Antoine Winfield I trust


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You'd probably only need 10 seconds. 

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Your intentions here are rather open ended.

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Well I was sad to see Patterson decommit, hope that doesn't become a trend. We need to get a BOOM soon! Zack Harrison would be nice, I don't think he's close to a decision though. Lets keep our fingers crossed guys!

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Do you think we can get back into it with Patterson? There's still a bit of time left in this cycle and if Meyer's relationship was key to Patterson's recruitment, do you think it can be rebuilt?

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Too many 31-13's tonight for me. I still hate that score