Question About the Grad Transfer QB

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Likely the decision to pick up a grad transfer QB was made the day after Joe Burrow left. I'm sure Urban trusted Ryan Day to find one suitable enough or Urban picked him two months ago and the team waited for the dust to settle some before announcing it. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Does he think he can play? Is it because Baldwin in coming off of injury, and Martell's passing just isn't there?


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Initial word I heard was that he wouldn't play this year and would be around for 2019.

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He announced he was leaving WV back in March so probably in the works for some time..

Plus I believe he's just announced ( maybe that changed) but initially he announced he was coming to Columbus and going to be on scholarship but hasn't enrolled yet.. Might be waiting for winter quarter so he's go on the "books" for next season?

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Plot twist: Urban actually hates the kid, but Day saw his opportunity and took it.

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While the boss is away ...

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Before we signed him, we had 3 quarterbacks in camp.  And Baldwin is going through some sort of injury.  We desperately needed another one this year.  Look at Maryland from last year, they lost their 2 best quarterbacks in Game 1. So, we were somewhat desperate to find someone, somehow.  And we did!  Had to be done!

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And after we signed him, we still had 3 QBs in camp. But we good for 2019 though 

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There are 4 quarterbacks at camp. Haskins, Martell, Baldwin, and Kory Curtis, who just lost his black stripe, unless of course you mean quarterbacks on scholarship.

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Actually five, there’s a new freshman walk-on named Vanatsky. 

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So Ohio State has more QBs than LSU?