The Hurry Up: Cornerback Elias Ricks Recaps Recent Visit While Center Commit Harry Miller Continues His Missionary Work

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Those Nicaragua kids look great in the scarlet and gray. Can never have too many fans no matter the age.

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Wait, recruits are allowed to meet with Urban now? 

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Gotta save some hard hitting click earners for the dead period

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Good for Harry Miller, and a great reminder that Ohio State has fine people on and in the future.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Good to see the kids in Nicaragua getting some tOSU gear instead of the USC 2018 Cotton Bowl champs or Georgia 2017 National Champs stuff that gets dumped in places like that!

FWIW, Miller's HS team is absolutely loaded-he has 2 fellow OL committed to Ole Miss, another OL to Florida, a DT committed to Miami, a DL committed to Duke and a RB w/ offers from Auburn, Bama, Texas,etc.

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Man do we need Ricks in our 2020 class.  The kid is an unbelievable talent.   It’s so nice to be talking about recruits again.  

Fields of Dreams


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If you think IMG Academy has a tough schedule, look at St. John’s.

They play Hoover (AL), Miami Central, IMG Academy and Marietta (GA) in four consecutive games. 

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Come on down Mr. Ricks. You could be yet another 1st round CB from The Ohio State University

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I love this hurry up. 

Elias Ricks’ enthusiasm is fantastic. The pictures of The Nicaraguan kids wearing scarlet and gray brought tears to my eyes. That’s what TOSU is about. Not this Jerry Springer nonsense..

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer