The Hurry Up: Athlete Tank Bigsby, Tight End Jalen Wydermyer and Linebacker Kevin Swint List Ohio State Among Their Top Schools

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Question for the staff - any indications of priority targets drifting away due to recent events? Obviously a couple guys delayed their announcement but anything else?

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My belief is that this article is indicative of where things stand for Buckeye recruiting at the moment...3 Top Teams lists, and 2 of them won't matter for another 16 months (class of 2020 kids). Most current commits and top prospects are in a holding pattern until this situation resolves.

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You’re spot on. Combination of the dead period and what’s going on with Meyer.

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There a bunch of. Really great sounding recruits still out there!  Gotta believe OSU will be fine.

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Andrew, I see Darnell Wright, who was 100% OSU now is linked to Tennessee. Are you worried?

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Oh my God, I laughed so hard at this that I started coughing! One of the funniest memes ever. 

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You win Monday!  Drop the keyboard and walk away.

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Yeah. That’s pretty damn funny :)

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Love this time of the year — players that want in ... will trust the process and be patient.

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Not meeting the wide out quota of 4? Is it because the staff isn't sold on who the other 3 should be or are we just out of the running for some of them?

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I do not see a need to have a top 15 ,,  10 list just looking for attention in my book,,  the Scooby do frame was excellent though, somebody has skills.