99 Warriors: No. 41 Supplemental

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Growing up watching players like Byars, Spielman, and Cris Carter, no wonder I was hooked. 

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Both Matte and Snell were special too with pretty good NFL careers.  But this ones got to go to Mr Byers!  He should have won the Heisman, damned pass.  Rumors was voters figured he'd have 85.  But his stats were enough in 84.  Then got that accursed foot injury.  But he was beyond great in 84.

We're coming back is what think he said after his first rd in the Illinois game.  And they did!!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Loved watching Byars smashmouth style tear up those defensive LB's

Here we come dabo !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

Seattle Sounders 2019 MLS Champions

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some good RB with this number. Snell versus Matte in SB III - not too shabby

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Did Janowitz wear another number?  He won the Heisman after the 1950 season. 

Maybe Dobbins will get tired. Michigan Man, 11-30-2019

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The Ohio State Team Guide has Janowicz as wearing No. 31 for the 1949 and 1950 seasons. The guide has him listed as wearing No. 41 for the 1951 season.

The guide is not perfect and has mistakes, but it has Janowicz as wearing both No. 31 and No. 41.

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From the 2017 Team Guide:

No. 41:
You will see Keith Byars near the top, Janowicz is at the bottom.

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Worth noting, Rudy Hubbard was Woody's first black assistant coach, he went on to coach FAMU to a national title in their division


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Thank you for the link on Rudy Hubbard, awesome.

Below is Hubbard's bio during his first year as a "cadet" coach in 1968: