99 Warriors: No. 45 Supplemental

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two of the best there ever was.  Nuff said

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peidiwch â ffycin gyda'r Cymry

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Looked forward to sitting down every Saturday watching Big Kat destroy QB's and RB's.

There's only one Archie. He's been paying dividends to tOSU ever since he first stepped on Campus as a Freshman. He clearly understands the bigger picture. 

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Imagine how intimidating this would be as a RB.....

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Katz being #45 definitely took me by surprise at the time... he was a monster for sure, but let's be honest, in college football, no matter what team you're talking about, there is only 1 #45.

Archie may not be like Michael Jordan is to basketball, but he's damn close. You can, and I have, make/made the argument that he's the single best player in the history of the game for his 2 Heisman performances. His NFL stint is always held against him, but that is what it is.

In a condensed period of time Archie was the GOAT of D1.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Katzenmoyer was a beast, just zeroed in on ball carriers and was merciless in shutting them down.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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I loved how Katzenmoyer played the game, and he is still one of my all-time favorite BUCKEYES, but Archie was a no brainer for #45!


16-2 is SWEET!

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Obviously Archie - the greatest of my lifetime.

Big Kat was special

but why no acknowledgement of Bo Rein?

Go Bucks!!


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but why no acknowledgement of Bo Rein?

Because I'm lazy and stopped working after completing Griffin and Katzenmoyer.

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I always thought it was interesting that the Patriots' dynasty took off immediately after Katzenmoyer's career came to an abrupt end. Something like a career-ending injury to a very high draft choice would be devastating to most teams. 

That's a pretty solid history with that number. The last seven players to wear it include two All-Americans, two captains, two Heisman Trophies, five NFL draft picks, and a Power Five head coach.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Add another Eastmoor Warrior to the list, his high school coach ended up as a grad assistant at OSU when Urban served as one.

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My freshman year in high school, at Westerville North, our varsity football team went 9-1 during the regular season with the only loss coming to our cross town rivals - the Westerville South Wildcats who were led by senior Andy Katzenmoyer. We played the 10-0 Wildcats again in the opening round of the playoffs. Westerville North finished the season 9-2. I couldn't wait for that dude to be a Buckeye! I hated Andy Katzenmoyer the Wildcat. I loved Andy Katzenmoyer the Buckeye. He lived up to the hype. He did not disappoint. 

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Andy is probably one of the best #2 choices out there as far as this countdown process is concerned. Him or Aj Hawk. 

Clint W.

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31 consecutive 100 yard game is unbelievable and I don't see that record being broken.

Archie is a TREMENDOUS Ambassador for the University. 100% Class.

The Big Kat was filthy...wish his health would have led up to see what he could have done in a Long career. What a massive human being.

Buckeye til I die

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Archie would be the one chose from any list.  What a fabulous player and human being.  Would also be in the running for nicest person in the world!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!


Corby Jones still has nightmares of that hit.

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