Who is the Most Freakishly Athletic Player on the Roster?

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If college football has taught me anything in recent years, it's that defensive ends aren't always human.

There's your sign.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Should have known you would put Chase Young on the list … smh

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J.K. for his speed/durability/football smarts

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Voted other. Was thinking malik harrison

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I picked Bosa too. I feel like he has the endurance and drive edge over Young and the others.  He will be the highest pick among these guys for that exact reason. He is both a freak and a goon. Who cares if the others are faster than him?  

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Rashod Berry.  No man that big should be that quick.  I love this young man.

What's round on the ends and high in the middle? Tell me if you know!

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It occured to me after making my choice with CY, that I'd completely forgotten Berry.

Here's former defensive lineman Rashod Berry proving the point:

Added 11W details:


I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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I was thinking the same thing.  I picked "other" for Rashod Berry.

Champions.  Undisputed.  

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According to Bruce Feldman's updated Freaks list, published this morning, Bosa is freakier than Campbell.

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I was a little surprised he wasn't a direct option. I did jump on the Chase train. He's gonna have a whale of a season.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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My vote is for Terry McLaurin (Run TMC).

He finished 3rd in the 2013 Nike Sparq competition as a HS junior (behind Speedy Noil and Leonard Fournette), posting a 44" vertical, legit 4.40 speed, and threw the powerball 41.5 feet (4.5 feet more than Meechy, and the same as Jalyn Holmes!). His Sparq score was 141.96. For comparison, Parris Campbell's SPARQ score at the same competition was 121.8. (https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2013/7/1/4484646/full-nike-sparq-combine-results-the-opening-2013)

Trust me! I'm an Engineer.

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Malik Harrison is the most athletic player on the team.

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Let's say that it's a freakishly athletic roster, and call it a day,

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There's freakish speed up there, but if you look at Chase Young as an incoming freshman vs him like 2 weeks ago... that is downright scary.


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I would be more inclined to vote for Paris if he could catch the ball

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I voted Chase Young, but a good case could be made for all of them.

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Bosa and Bosa. 

That's how winners play. We convince the other guy he's making all the right moves.

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Chase young was my choice- this is one big athletic kid.

Enjoying daily the 62-39 ttun beatdown.


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Seem to recall Master Teague has some impressive camp numbers as well.

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Campbell's speed in the open field is insane. JK has a good blend of speed, power, balance tho.

Bosa and Young are up there too. 

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Freak implies>>> Other, as in Braxtonesque.  I'm still waiting, might be one these guys, but I'm still waiting to see someone step way t-f out in front. 

half machine

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Voted Sheffield. Broke the 60 meter dash record in track. Thought he was one of the better CBs by the end of last year, played very well vs Wisky and USC.

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Bosa and Young are gonna wreak havoc on offensive lines all year. Coupled with how deep we are at tackle this year... screw you Clemson, this is the best defensive line in the nation.

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