The Eleven Warriors Web Report Discusses Ohio State's Most Memorable Games Of The 2010s

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OSU vs PSU last year great game. Important for setting the tone for recruiting.

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2OT over TTUN ! 

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The cocaine whites were hands down the best alternates we’ve worn. IMO, the home uni’s last year against PSU are number 2. And I hated them when they were previewed online but I think they were pretty awesome in person. And this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think the black uni’s against PSU are up there with the worst. And blacking out the shoe is also a terrible look IMO. Normal scarlet glaze makes it the most beautiful stadium in the country. Don’t mess with it.

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My favorite win of the 2010s so far is undoubtedly the 2014 Sugar Bowl, because:

1) I went into it afraid to expect too much--too recently burned by SEC teams, and it was big, big Bama.

2) My wife and I got tickets and saw it live. Fantastic weekend in NOLA and fantastic game. 

3) The way the jackass in front of us went from loudly yelling "Roll Tide!!" before the game to eventually sitting in sullen, disbelieving silence as Alabama's hopes were crushed by Cardale and the boys. 

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Same. Except instead of my wife it was a buddy.  From the first half when we were down 21-6 and it felt like “Here we go again”, to 85 yards through the heart of the south.  The Bama fans were in utter shock. We started the ironic “SEC” chant at the end. It was glorious. 

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Nice! I love it!

I just remember we drive down and can't quite put it in the end zone. 3-0, cautiously optimistic. We stop them, we're moving the ball but then Zeke fumbles. They get a TD, down 7-3. We drive down, can't finish again but get the FG to pull within a point. And, you know, we've been moving the ball, so maybe it's just a matter of time.... But then Alabama scores again, and Cardale turns it over, and they score again, and we're thinking "oh shit, here's where it all falls apart..." 21-6. 

But, of course, it was't over and it wasn't going to fall apart. We put together some good drives and actually finish them, and get to the half down just one.

And then the magic happens. We took the lead and never gave it back, but we could never feel quite comfortable in the 2nd half, which kept the excitement level high, and made it all the sweeter in the end. Man, what a game.

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It wasn't the game, but the stutter-step still stands out.


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I know this isn't going to be an extremely popular answer, but one of my favorite games in past couple years was our season opener at Indiana. Got to see JK Dobbins light it up live. I went in to that game a little worried about our running game and came out of it thinking Dobbins could end up as a 1,000 yard rusher. I like being right haha

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I'll go with the 2015 Sugar Bowl as well, but I don't think it's the biggest overall win in Ohio State's history. (let's confer with Chic Harley on that).

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Not even a discussion, the "Cocaine Whites" were and are still the best. The "home" version of the jerseys was good too, but the away version was still way better. In the early days of Urban Meyer, big games became synonymous with:


You knew it was a big game when the 3 mile wide helmet strip came rolling onto the field. 

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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stop calling them cocaine whites, that's white trash the black version of those were sick (and I'm not a huge alternate fan).

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