ESPN Uses Fancy Algorithm to Determine Which Schools Produce the Most Pro Draft Talent

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Maryland's number two ranking feels ACC-ish.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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The whole ranking feels ESPN(made up)ish 

Feed the trolls

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'Bama not in the top 25...Reminds me of an old joke

1st guy: The only thing to come out of Alabama are football players and hookers

2nd guy: Hey! My wife's from Alabama!!

1st guy: Oh, really? What position did she play?




ESPN fancy algorithm = Some idiot staffer made something up 

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OSU and Bama should be at the top, idc what the partitions are..

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It's interesting to see absolutely no overlap in the Top 10 for both the NBA and NFL drafts.  Goes to show that, at least when it comes to pro talent, there really hasn't been a dominate 2-sport team over the last decade.