Who is Ohio State’s Most Important Player Heading into the 2018 Season?

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Damn it.

Chase Young


13-0 and a chance to go 14-0

In another universe ttun still sucks...

Beat wisky.  

Earn this...  Beat clemson.

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Parris "Pass Catcher" Campbell


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I'll actually unironically agree with this. If Parris has polished his deep routes and develops consistency, I think hes got the physical presence and is going to be the fastest player on the field in all of our games.

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74% is top 15 in the NFL

Feed the trolls

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Still rolling with Thayer Munford.

I think he locks it down on the blindside, but just need to see it.

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It all starts up front. Excellent observation. 

I need to commit those markings to memory. ;-()}

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Haskins is more important than any two other players. 

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My analysis would be 'if this player were injured and unable to play which player lost would have the most impact'.  

Clearly WorthyBuck nailed it IMHO.  All the other players mentioned, we have capable if not fully comparable backups.  Not so with Haskins IMHO.  Tate is not ready for Prime Time action.



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I disagree: your definition fits LCR’s most indispensable player thread. This isn’t about who would be missed the most if he was injured but who’s the player the Buckeyes need to step up and produce? Most indispensable means looking at the glass as half empty because it stems from fear, while most important is looking at the glass as half full because it’s based on hope.

That said, Haskins can be the answer to both questions but make no mistake: they are two different questions.

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Totally agree. OSU has depth everywhere. Except at QB. 

Also, in today’s game, QB is the most important position in the game by far. Therefore, your QB is critical. Period.

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How important is Joey Bosa after the Buckeyes lost three other defensive linemen to the NFL Draft? 

IMHO losing 2017 Pro Bowler Joey Bosa to injury would have a huge effect on Ohio State's defense.

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Haskins has a ton of early lessons to learn. Coaches have to have complete confidence in his, the oline, and wr's or else this is Cardale pt 3. Not going to be able to use the MSU game plans of years past. Need a Texas Tom type of gun slinging to get to playoff and title game. Tcu is right around the corner, its Haskins by a mile and everyone else tied for last.

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I have to go with a defensive player so it would be Bosa IMHO.

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But what is your dishonest opinion?

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That would be "In My Humble Opinion".  


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Haskins (mainly depth reasons) but a close 2nd and 3rd are Thayer Munford and Isaiah Prince. If any of those 3 guys play subpar, it's going to be a bumpy season.

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Haskins and Browning are both good picks here.  We are thin at LB if Tuf can't tee it up in September and we all know the QB depth issue.  Munford is another good selection.  Prince has already shown his stuff.


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I like the Athlon pick here. Look at our last two losses. They weren't on the O. They weren't on the QB. They were on the LBs. If your middle linebacker is lost, that affects the entire defense. After all, they say the MLB is the QB of the defense. My money's on Browning, and I think he'll be good on it.

Buckeyes & Blue Jackets.

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No loss goes on just one side of the ball or one position. To absolve from blame the offense or qb for OU and Iowa is flat wrong. Qb was 37 of 69 with 3 TDs and 5 INTs in the 2 games for instance. And the entire offense only rang up 16 points on an OU defense that gave up 41 to Baylor, 38 to Iowa State, 35 to Kansas State, 52 to Okie State and 54 in the OT loss to UGA.

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I like the pick of Browning. The LBs were the weak link of the defense last year and improved play from that group could be the difference between a great season and a historic season.

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Isaiah Prince.

Tom Brady lost to John Cooper. Never forget.

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Adding him to the list - good call YCS

See you in Indy !!

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Browning is the most important player now?  Interesting.  Was Tuf Borland the most important before he was injured?  They play the same position

It's Dwayne and it's not even close.  Imagine he suffers a season ending injury...Tate's arm and mind isn't even close to ready for the field and to top it off our QB recruiting would be fucked up.  

It's the offseason though so of course everyone is trying to come at this from a new and exciting angle.

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1. Brady Taylor....can't do anything if the center struggles

2. Haskins

3. Both corners. 

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Watching his highlights and seeing him near others, Baron is a lot closer to 6'4" than 6'2"..if he really is 6'3". Kid is big and plays long.

I don't think he is the most important. Haskins will be that player without a doubt. There are several options at linebacker that are viable. Martell is an untested backup with nothing behind him. Outside of replacing a longtime starter, Haskins will be asked to carry a heavy load of leading the offense. He has the talent but he has to be the leader. That is pretty important.

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Center Brady Taylor. He's got some big shoes to fill with OL signal calling. Every play originates with him.

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Always starts inside.

D-line is locked and loaded. Not a worry there.

O-line has questions. Thayer? Prince? Taylor? All more than talented enough to excel but can they put it all together week in and week out?

Guy has a point tho. Out of sync LB play can undermine an entire defense (cough Iowa cough cough). So his pick certainly has validity.

QB is the product of those around him. (Patent Pending) so Haskins should be fine in all reality. IF (see above) the O-Line can gel. So there ya go. O-line. Specifically, first year starters at new positions. Thayer Munford and Brady Taylor.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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It’s not Parris Campbell. Anyone who thinks its Parris Campbell is football illiterate. It’s either qb, mlb or LT because that’s how football works and that’s how you keep your job when writing such articles. The answer to this question is actually Ryan Day. 

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Must be nice to know everything. 

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Except the question is who’s the most important player. You may be literate but you don’t seem to comprehend things very well.

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The answer to this question is actually Ryan Day. 

Day doesn't play ya goober.

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If you mean critical for the team than I would say Haskins. They need him to play well to get the offense moving. That requires good play around him but if he does not step up in big spots than there are going to be problems.

On the defensive side, I am not really worried about the line at the moment (this year they are still loaded, but in the future we have to see how guys turn out) but I think the LBs are the biggest question. Can they improve from last year, as one of the biggest weaknesses on that side.

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the Dwayne Train!

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.


I'll go ahead and say it, Das Boot!

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I think you have to start with Haskins.  Obviously he has to depend on the offensive line. But, the question was what one player can't we live without and the quarterback runs the offensive show in football.

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