Digging Deeper: Players Who Wore No. 56

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I was a big fan of Darrion Scott. Will never forget that bone crushing sack against wazoo and Jason Guesser.

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another excellent job here.  Thanks.

Always good to see someone with SEOAL bloodlines get noted

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I remember Murphy as someone that had all the tools. 

Tough and gritty til the end. 

Thanks Matt.

The off season bites !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Definitely some great names and events to remember, but that fsu sugar bowl--god, that was pain--and that facemask thing--that had the unreality of a nighmare.  This number is another 'who-should-we-pick' dartboard task.  I do like the transformer shoulderpads look and I'm partial to the name Ironton--those would be my top fwitw criteria here. 

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Fritz and Murphy played the same position just twenty years apart. One was 6-3, 238 pounds; the other was 6-5, 300 pounds.

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Matt you are doing a great with this, but I think you missed on Dick Worden.  LB on the 68 team was a star IIRC.

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Straight up, I got lazy and that is why Worden wasn't included. Thanks for the push, you can now read a little bit about his career.