Digging Deeper: Players Who Wore No. 68

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Still sucks that LeCharles career got cut short once the Browns acquired him but he had one amazing career when he was at Ohio State.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Also let us not forget Doug Van Horn.

a hard rock miner from Butte, Montana

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that's what I was thinking as well.

What a listing of great players who wore 68.  Pretty impressive

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peidiwch â ffycin gyda'r Cymry

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Doug played in 157 NFL games, through the 1979 season. He was early in the Columbus Eastmoor to OSU pipeline.

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Looks like some of the deeper information for Taylor Decker didn't get copied in right, it still has some of Bentley's information.

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Thanks, life got in the way of the update. Decker should be good now.