Digging Deeper: Players Who Wore No. 72

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Ahhh...my dude Marcus Perez. I grew up with him. He was like 6'2 and close to 250 when he was 12 years old...ever meet someone that you just knew was gonna play football? He was a legend at my High School.

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Thank you for sharing. It is very cool that you knew Marcus from a young age and you guys went to Medina together. He was originally from Chicago and moved to the Great State when he was in sixth grade. I'm sure you know all of this, but below you will find Marcus' bio and Ohio State stats.

Ohio State Team Guide bio:

6-3, 250...Marcus Perez is in his fourth year as a Buckeye and continues to be one of the team's top pass rushers. He has increased his strength each season and is in excellent physical condition. Although not listed on the preseason depth chart, Jim Heacock, defensive line coach, said Perez will factor into the scheme this year. "Marcus Perez has really good pass rushing abilities," he said. "I'm going to try and play as many guys as I can. If I can get a guy like him that is really good at pass rushing, I'll definitely use his skills in third-and-long situations."

Ohio State
Senior Season (2000): Played in six games for a total of 13 minutes, he had a season-high three minutes in games against Fresno State, Arizona and Miami (OH), did not record a tackle his senior year.

Junior Season (1999): Played in all 12 games, season-high three minutes against Illinois, did not record a tackle.

Sophomore Season (1998): Played in two games, had one tackle when he was on the field for six minutes against Toledo.

Freshman Season (1997): Played in six games, recorded two tackles, his first collegiate tackle was against Indiana, played 19 total minutes including a season high six minutes against Bowling Green. 

Career: Played in 26 games and recorded three tackles, Ohio State was 35-14 during his time in Columbus won the Big Ten title in 1998 and defeated Texas A&M (24-14) in the 1999 Sugar Bowl. 

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So odd that they tracked minutes played instead of snaps for a football player 

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Not sure if I knew about the Chicago connection. IIRC he lived with his grandparents in Medina. Imagine having to compete with someone like him in pick-up games of baseball/football/basketball lol

One story comes to mind when we were all hanging out in the neighborhood and boredom got the best of us so we gathered up some of those big-ass "Ohio" crab apples and headed down the street to the grumpy old man's house. We were pelting his house with them (and mind you, I was a damn good baseball player back in the day) and it was Marcus' shots that conjured the old hoot outta his house. 

He comes barreling out the back door and yells "Break a window!! I Dare Ya!" Marcus says "Don't worry, I will!" We didn't though. Too bad his career at OSU never went as well as it could have/should have.

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Some solid Buckeyes donning 72...and I like the fact Tommy Togai will be wearing the number.

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Can't wait for TT to come into his own. There was a reason that LJ Sr and Urban flew out of their seat when he committed. I'd love to hear the comparisons with TT and Big Daddy.

The off season bites !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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It would definitely be nice to see TT challenge Big Daddy for these number articles in the future.

The thing I remember most about Big Daddy isn't football.  It's that massive house he had on Riverside Drive.

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