99 Warriors: No. 89 Supplemental

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Willis and Roman were pretty good players, IIRC. Per Wiki on Willis:

In 1974, he was clocked as the fastest Buckeye football player ever until that time, running the 100-yard dash in 9.3 seconds.[5] Besides playing as a receiver he also returned kicks and even played some free safety for the Buckeyes.[6] In 1974, he did not catch a pass, but ran 11 times for 146 yards, a 13.3 yards per rush average.[3] In 1975, he caught 17 passes for 350 yards, a 20.6 yards per catch average, with 2 touchdowns.[3] His receiving yards and touchdowns were each good enough to rank 8th in the Big Ten Conference.[3] The Buckeyes won the Big Ten Conference championship in both his years with the team, but lost in the Rose Bowl each season.

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Those were the only other 2 I remembered (although I also remember Stan White SR), and good football players.

Frank was nonetheless the obvious selection. There are tougher ones ahead.

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Thanks Matt - won't give away all the answers but John Frank was on the Israeli bobsled team.

The off season bites !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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