Digging Deeper: Players Who Wore No. 90

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Pretty impressive stats for all involved. Hard to believe that Styles and/or Pitcock were not the choice

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Go here to see how I ranked the players based off of their accomplishments in an Ohio State jersey.

It's tough to rank players from different eras. Amling is not close when it comes to physical stats when comparing him to Styles and Pitcock. However, Amling did receive more honors during his playing days than the modern players.

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Lorenzo is a great guy, my nephew plays baseball with his son in Pickerington so I’ve gotten to know him pretty well the past 2 years. He still looks like he could suit up and play as well. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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In addition to being a really down-to-earth guy, he also coached on Jay Sharret's staff for the State Champion Central Tigers.  I know you know that, just wanted to give him props for that as well. 

One of my sons played PYAA with Sonny Styles, a Freshman on that Tigers Football team this past year, and that is how I know Lorenzo. Just a really good guy. 

Styles and Craig Powell were a very good linebacker tandem at Ohio State. 

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Styles was really good. I'm confident that he would still be effective in today's college game, with all of these spread offenses and different LB reads and responsibilities. He was a heck of an athlete.
Interesting read regarding Pitcock. Hope he has things squared away these days.

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I had no idea Quinn Pitcock had the video game addiction that controlled his life. Hard to believe people have those addictions. South Korea is game addicted. They have PC Bangs (they are called) where people stay and play 24 hours a day. Some have died.

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Holy Moses, dead? Not to be an insensitive jerk, but all I can think of is the South Park Warcraft episode. Gotta laugh to keep from crying, I guess. If you haven't seen it, YouTube it and you'll see what I mean. 
Glad there's help available for people these days. 

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I did not know that Darryl Baldwin wore #90-did he switch to an OL # when started at RT in 14'?

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Yes he did, and for the life of me I can't remember what # he wore on offense. 79 maybe?

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Stxbuck and Brutus0717,
Baldwin wore No. 90 in 2010 and 2011. He switched to No. 76 for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons.

Hope this helps.

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Amazing and impressive the life Lorenzo Styles has made for himself in Real Estate... I never would have predicted that... good for him.  Looks like his son may be a D1 prospect out of Pickerington too... 

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